Thursday, September 3, 2009

The week of August28

Boring Weekly update

Monday, Tuesday

I am in Denver. I get to meet a fellow blogging mom and its really delightful!
R hunts for me both evenings when his evening therapist comes – he hunts and weeps “Muther .. muther ..” on the phone and it twists like a knife in my heart.
Oh how desperately I miss this child !


On the plane ride home I watch the Pretend Play DVD by Greenspan.To my disappointment it contains nothing I dont know.That was a waste of 80 dollars!
Still I plan to finish it !
I am read" there is a boy in here" And again while the book is very good - I keep wishing I could have helped the mum and dad out with some advice - they are raising an Autistic child in the 1960's where there is no help or hope for Autism
I t gives me such a pang to think of parents of Autistic children in countries which are 30 years behind America and dont know how to help their children

I return in the evening. DH has told R that we will go to the airport and pick up mum – usually they meet me at the luggage carousel which is great fun for R as he is mad for airports.
But this time I have no luggage so we don’t stop. Its all too much for R who weeps and kicks copiously and points to the airports.
Ironically after having missed him so much this week – within 10 minutes of meeting him I am telling him to please behave himself ( through gritted teeth as well )
Once home he makes me do all the Wii exercises and I am so proud at all the things he is saying now .
We snuggle a bit. He is torn between his desire to sulk and his desire to fawn over me- so he hugs and kisses me. But he rejects the presents that I have – tossing the books I have eagerly purchased
Later in the evening he keeps clutching me and weeping .

I suppose there are two ways of looking at something you treasure – the joy of having it , or the fear of losing it .
Unfortunately he is in the latter camp this time.

I take a really lovely walk – the familiar is so lovely

The realtor sign “Charming 3 tier living” that has started to look tired and hopeless has the depressing sign “REDUCED” over it now . But I am glad to see it.

The couple with the dogs who fling themselves on me delightedly each time - do so today as they do everyday – while the owners apologize non-stop even though I have assured them each time that I truly enjoy this.

The smelly road ( it has had the same bad smell for the past 5 years) is just as smelly. In my more imaginative moments – I have imagined a murder mystery. No doubt if it was the younger K and her sister – we would have searched for clues and made up a fancy name for ourselves)


Is an evening of OTHER work - I have to cook R's dinners . DH does a lot of recycling - It amazes me how much recycling we generate.
R's Speechie tells me something very interesting. When she writes down words for him he covers segments of it - so Tomato - is actually three segments - to ma to
And he covers the segments he is not saying to try and say the whole word
He is such a smart kid!
On the other hand now that some of his language is intelligible - (a lot of it is not) he is really pO'ed with me in the trampoline when I dont get what he he is saying !!Now he expects me to understand -He weeps copiously becasue I dont


I come home for lunch and find him lolling about on the bed like a Persian Cat.he flings himself on me at the unexpected joy

I eat lunch with DH sitting outside and its very nice - i really like my DH a lot - even after 15 years he is an interesting and fun person to chat with.

R is woebegone when I leave for work
I write down a long schedule for him - And he is reassured
Why do I keep forgetting to do this?

As I write this, DH and R go off to Heidi and while they are gone I plan to :

1. Gloat over some amazing kitchen shelves that he has made in the afternoon
2. Change sheets
3. Vaccum
4. And put out all the veg for chopping

We have some guests coming this weekend

Three of us were to give a bachelorette party for this friend who is getting married.
I am her maid of honor

But the two other girls who were giving the party with me - are also getting married in Sep and Oct respectively.- and are very busy!

So my friend who is a very thoughtful person said( pretended ) she did not want a bacehlorette party at all
I asked her to come out to us ( she is in Atlanta ) to spend the weekend with me and I will giver a pamered weekend

SO I am getting her

1. A full body aromatherapy massage
2. We are taking her and her fiancee to dinner- maybe a picnic on Sunday
3. Plus she loves a lot of things I cook ( we used to be roommates in grad school ) SO I will make all of those things - Bailey's Irish cream cheese cake, Red Velvet cupcakes with cheese frosting , Dal Makhani , Saag Paneer etc

Better get started


Lyndsey said...

Oh my goodness! When I eventually show up on your doorstep for food, I want that Bailey's cheese cake along with the Dal Makhani and the Saag Paneer. It all sounds so wonderful!

Niksmom said...

Bailey's cheesecake?? YUM. I hope you'll share the recipe, please?

Anonymous said...

I enjoy these peeks into your weeks. =) All that food sounds so good! Have a wonderful weekend with your friend!

Stephanie said...

like julie, i really enjoy the full glimpses into your life. your way with words puts me right in the room.

robin said...

Your week doesn't sound boring at all...I wanna come for dinner too! :)

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