Monday, August 31, 2009

On lovely moments

This weekend I have tried to organize chores so that the entire weekend is not consumed by them

I have vacuumed – changed sheets/towels etc in the evening while DH and R are at his Musical Gymnastics. DH has done all the food prep Friday night.

Despite massive amount of planning, I am low energy and depressed on Saturday because of the impending doom of travel on Monday .Traveling always distresses me

When my friends are travel on work, I advice them to enjoy their time away, from the routine. To not be a mommy- just have them to take care of. But I miss my guys dreadfully (in advance in fact) and its hard to take my own advice

It takes me a lot longer than usual to cook on Saturday as I move slowly.

On Sunday I open the refrigerator and sadly point out to DH what he should eat for all his meals

Clearly without this information, I believe he will stand uncomprehending in front of the refrigerator at meal times. He will wonder what to eat, finally, giving up in despair. I shall see him on Wednesday, pale gaunt and wasted away. (Though quickly revived by a meal that I nuke for him)

DH, used to my maudlin ways, pays no attention. (I am familiar with the look of listening-but-not)

But he also offers to drive me to the airport and pick me up.

After being together for 15 years, DH and I have become two halves.

We used to be whole people once,

But over time, I find that, each of us is becoming expert in an area and losing it in another.

Is it the way of all couples?

R is super kissy and huggy all weekend and uses his newly acquired K at every chance he gets

"Khum( come ) up" he will say holding his arms out to be picked up

"Khu-i-t" ( quit) he will instruct me on the Wii Fit

And then in Marshalls – which he seems to use like a library – when its time to leave –he looks at me pleadingly from a numbers book and says "kh-ou-tin" ( Cant you see I am counting ?)

I hear him often whispering ""khu khu khu "

I think he is also afraid that his lips will forget how to say it if he does not keep practicing.

On Sunday evening when I tell him its time to start his evening routine, he tries to quickly postpone the inevitable end of the day and says "Khaa Di" ( Car drive")

So we go for a drive, windows open.

It's a mellow evening. The roads are empty and the air is cool and fresh and has the feeling of Autumn( already!!!)

I reach my hand behind and R puts his hand in mine.

We hold hands and drive like this for a while. And I am filled with the sweetness and joy of this little child.

It seems to me that the all goodness of living is in moments like this .

"The butterfly counts its life not in days, but in moments and has time enough" said Tagore

And he is right.


Anonymous said...

those sweet moments... =)

robin said...

I just love picturing you guys hand in hand while on your car ride. It was so nice that you took R for a ride after he sounded it out so well! I agree with you with all goodness in living being in those moments...

danette said...

So sweet! I love his words, so precious :).

Cuddlebug likes to practice new sounds too, a few months ago he was doing "tongue pops" wherever he went, something his ST taught him to help him make the L sound. He's still working on that one, usually it comes out sounding like a "W" instead.

Stephanie said...

Yes, the image of the two of you on an autumn drive stirs so much emotion in me. It's lovely.

Trish said...

How wonderful that he is enjoying mastering his new sound!

I can definitely relate to being two halves; it's easy for each person to take on what they are best at. Unfortunately, that can sometimes leave one or the other feeling stressed out.

I think Daddy having to be in charge sometimes is probably a good thing for both him and R, even though traveling so often can be difficult.

Territory Mom said...

I love this!!! I'm going to work on living in butterfly moments. Hope you have a great week, well its almost over.

Anonymous said...

I like the butterfly moments too! And that dreaded is a never ending cycle:(

Anonymous said...

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