Saturday, September 5, 2009

To look forward


I never hide from my children when I am leaving the house “ one of my colleagues used to say when I was working in India” I tell them firmly – mummy is leaving now.. …what are you teaching your kids if you hide from them when you leave”
I always am impressed by people who say things firmly


I am a wiffler waffle! Always seeing things from a dozen different perspectives.

Everything in shades of grey.I envy the people who have the clarity of black and white
So I remembered what Meenakshi ( the colleague ) said many years before I even became a mother and vowed I would do the same

Many years later when I became a mum – a working traveling mum- I remembered this
So when I would leave for a trip out of town I would write down for R

“Mom go in Big Jet “

But it never had the effect I hoped for.
In fact on two consecutive trips – R actually got a fever when I was leaving.

So I stopped telling him

This past week I have been reading on Happiness( in the Happiness Project Blog)

One interesting observation that the author makes was on how important it is to look forward to things.

And to have things to look forward to.

This is certainly true in my life

My day is full of little treats.

The look of intense love on R’s face just before he pulls me close for a tight hug , unable to bear being apart for one more moment.

The happy dance he does when he sees me,

The feel of the crook of DH’s shoulder when I rest my head on it ( it always seems so wrong when people in movies. who are only acting, lie together with the wife’s head resting as though in a perfect fit on her fake-husband’s shoulder). Clearly one woman’s head should fit on only one man’s shoulder.
( Shouldermates! Like soulmates !)

The first sip of coffee.

Getting connected with all my virtual, satellite and real friends, Reading blogs and my readers’ comments,

Treats are strewn throughout my day

And truly thinking of all these treats to look forward to makes my days full of happiness

Thinking of this- the need to look forward to things – has made me change what I write out for R when I leave

For its not just important for him to know that

Monday – Mom Go in big Jet to Denver

But to also look forward to

Wednesday – when mama come home

This time he did not fall sick

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Lisa said...


There are so many things to look forward to, and you certainly have summed up some of the importants things!

R must feel your love generated from where ever you are, Wow, I love this post.


Arizaphale said...

Delightful post. Looking forward is definitely the key. And you are so right about the 'treats' we have strewn through our day.

BenLand said...

i definitely agree that it's better to look forward to something....i do that too...i didn't realize it until i read your post...hahaha...

great post :)

melody is slurping life said...

You've brighten my day by sharing a reminder of daily treats.

You're so smart to give him the tangible reminder of something to look forward to when Mommy is away.

~m said...

I am always eager to hear how other Mum's find their ways with their little ones. Your little one is blessed to have you as his Mum. Great post.

Anonymous said...

I love that- "shouldermates". =) I enjoyed a nap with my head on my husband's shoulder a little while ago. Nothing beats it. =)

Rachel said...

Where do I begin?!?

I always find myself learning something new each time I visit... though when you say it, I think to myself... I should have already known that, it is so intuitive.

And the shouldermates... *sigh*, I couldn't agree more.

And how lovely for R to look forward to seeing his beloved mom. And to have that treat in words to remember and anticipate.

You are truly thoughtful and I loved this post!

danette said...

What a great solution - to give R something to look forward to so he's focused on when you're coming home instead of when you're leaving. We all need things to look forward to, it makes all the difference. How insightful :).

R must be a good reader, I noticed the chart was written out. Awesome :).

Lyndsey said...

I love your chart idea. Hopefully some day I can adapt something similar for the girls.

I just love your blog.

Sande said...

I am floored with the timing of this post. Being a mum with ten kids educated at home, I don't leave them much.

Today, my husband and I are taking three days away together ... just the two of us. It's real early here, I can't sleep cus I'm missing them already.

But I will think of what's to come and how much I will enjoy seeing them when I get home. This will be a win win for all as it will expose again what ... err ... who is important.

Anonymous said...

Shouldermates. I love that!

I bet R is cuter than anything when he does his happy dance.

Puna said...

Awww K, how nice. What a nice reminder of life's small joys.

Anonymous said...

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