Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kreativ Blogger

Thank you so much Trish for nominating me as cretive blogger at  "Another Piece of the Puzzle

For those of you who don’t know how these shameless bits of linky love work, here are the rules:

• You must thank the person who has given you the award.

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Thank you so much Trish
7 things about me that you may find interesting
1. I wanted to be an environmentalist, but working in the forests with forest dwellers was not for me - I found after just 6 months of doing it
2. Love at first sight has played an important role in my life. My DH and I fell  in love with each other as soon as we met and decided we were to be together for the rest of our life as soon as we met( 15 years ago)
3. I never wanted children but as soon as i held R in my arms for the first time I was bessotted with him. A second deep relationship in an instant!
4. I enjoy vaccuming. I have 6 vaccuums -including a Dyson and a Roomba . Not including two hand helds. I am currently lusting for the latest Dyson
5.All children are amazing - but I am extra crazy about autistic children .
6.I am perpetually time starved and wishing for more time
9. I did not know how to drive for the first 26 years of my life
I love sooo many blogs so its hard to pass it to just 7 but here goes
3 running in circles- A mom with 3 kids on the spectrum. Extra amazing. Extra positive
Aspergers Syndrome Awareness- a mom with an older child with Aspergers. Practical. Funny.Determined
A celebration of our journey - Wonderful artistic homeschooling mama to a 6 year old. Is very much the ideal mama.
Maternal Instincts - A mom who I just love- devoted and charming mum to Nik
Sprout Light - A mum with a darling boy, a positive attitide and disarming honesty
Soapy Water - A super smart sweet and all around good human - - she takes care of her mum and her lil boy- you may know her from Hopeful Parents
Rachel and Mr Daddy - Once upon a Miracle - they are an amazing duo that will write post which touch your heart and posts that will make you laugh
I love so many other blogs Robin's blog, heather's,Against all odds, and sooo many more and  also another mom's blog with 2 adorable spectrum daughters but I think she is sort of trying to keep it private so i wont out her


Anonymous said...

Thank you, K for thinking of me! I would love to play along and I will soon! =)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for thinking of me:) I am going to do this now. BTW let me know when you receive your book so I make sure you do receive it.

Stephanie said...

I love that you love vacuuming. I don't know why, but it's such an endearing thing to love.

Lyndsey said...

If you ever get tired of any of your vacuums, mine needs replacing!;) Oh, and don't worry about mentioning my blog. I don't mind anyone reading it at all as long as they aren't my in-laws. I just don't want them to find me.LOL

Anonymous said...

You love vacuums?? Oh, I wish you lived near me!

I think it's fascinating that you and your husband had love at first sight and decided to be together forever after just meeting!

Trish said...

I love your list; thanks for playing along!

I have a friend who is in her 40s and still can't drive. She had vision problems that are better now but she just never took the time to learn. And she has four kids - I think I would go stir crazy at home all the time!!

danette said...

You're too sweet, thanks for thinking of me! I'll get my post up soon :).

I love your list, especially #5 and #2 :)

Anonymous said...

uh. really like this thread

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