Friday, August 21, 2009

This child will prevail

YOu have all heard me lament about how bad the Apraxia is

And in real life DH and I often talk about just how slow speech seems to be coming. Though we have a simply marvelous speechie now that we ( and R ) simply love . So he has had quality speech therapy from someone who really knows what she is doing and who he adores for a year now!

Still his Apraxia is really really bad

I dont usually attend his therapy session - its my time to hang out with DH, work out or do all the odds and ends that need to get done.

So when the session is over I can spend time with him.

Yesterday I thought I would record his speech therapy session. If we took a video recording every few months. Then a comparison of these recordings would be a better indicator of whether he was talking better or not.

His speechie had charts of categories ( things that are cold, things to wear etc ) and R is supposed to pick objects out of a bag and categorize them. He was doing this flawlessly but the thing that is the speech part of it is that he has to say out loud the name of the object

Here is a small clip of him saying the word "ice"

Sometimes his tongue does not know where to go.

So he cannot say sounds like "k". His speechie uses something that looks like a toothbrush to touch the part of the mouth that he is supposed to touch with his tongue in order to make that sound.

Yesterday I noticed something quite marvelous.

Whenever a situation came where he would have to say the sound "k" he started trying to put the brush in his mouth or hand it to his speechie so she could help him say K.

R's courage and hardwork inspire me and move me to tears all the at the same time

But mostly I feel full of hope.

With the kind of spirit that this child has, he WILL overcome!


Lyndsey said...

Yes he will! He is so sweet and cute--I was clapping at my computer monitor when he said "ice" lol

Anonymous said...

Yes he will!!! =D I loved this! ((HUGS))

robin said...

Yay!!!!!!!! I loved the very proud laugh of encouragement afterwards as well!!!! :)

TJ said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome! He totally said ice right away, btw. He is such a smart little guy with an incredibly sweet and warm disposition. I adore him!!

Heather said...

That boy is made of awesome! He was so confident with that ice. Loved getting a peek at his session.

Niksmom said...

Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing these. His little voice is adorable, too!

Territory Mom said...

Woo Hoo!!! You should see the smile on my face and the tears in my eyes. He is soooooo amazing!!!! This made my day. We are all going to prevail. Thanks for this K. Ice, ice baby!!!

danette said...

Yes he will! He's doing great - so engaged, and his voice is adorable :).

Rachel said...

I cannot tell you what it did for me to see that boy of yours in living color - staring straight at the camera at times, and looking at his speechie and connecting all those dots and willing his mouth to comply.

I was moved to tears.

First because somehow he seems so dear to me - though I've never met him... and it was a beautiful thing to meet his gaze.

And secondly because I could see he was honestly trying. And was so interested and intent on making it happen. Big applause for your beautiful boy.

And you are right - free yourself to think that it will happen and on his time.

Anonymous said...

Hi - I am definitely glad to discover this. Good job!

Anonymous said...


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