Saturday, August 22, 2009

SOOC Saturday An ordinary garden variety miracle

Pretend play !

These two words have often made my heart sink. Many developmental psychologists - especially the Flootime psychologists - stress the great importance of pretend play

But this particular ability just would not come in my child

I sought advice from all my friends whose kids were able to do this, bought playsets of what R liked to watch on TV - the Little Einsteins. the Elmo figurines, this last winter even a dollhouse with all the furniture, the Little People everything

Our house started to resemble a toy store

But, though, this child was interested - labeled everything accurately - he never played..

Until this summer

Suddenly now when his Dad takes him to the Mall on Fridays for their lunch date - instead of running to the Apple Store - he now pulls him to the kiosk with the stuffed toys.

He has been eagerly choosing a Wonder Pet and then a Backyardigan each time.

Then he started taking them places.

Then kissing them goodnight

And then just the other day - after he had finished drinking his drink

I watched with my eyes filling with tears of joy as he put Linny, Tuck and Ming Ming turn by turn to get their drink as well !

My friend Jos said something once - much before I entered the special needs world myself - about her daughter L -

"I believe L will do everything , but in her own time. I dont mind .. she can take all the time she needs .. but I have faith she will do it all."

Last night as R took Tuck with him to read a book in his pre bedtime swing, I thought of Jos's words again and wondered how freeing it would be if I just assumed that it would all turn out all right.

Had faith that R would do it all- eventually.

Just concentrated on providing all the learning opportunities

Without worrying about any outcomes - assured that they would come - eventually

Because time and again it seems that R is on his own timetable. But is also in his own way, developing beautifully.

Goodbye Worry .

Go away and stay away.

And take your toxic friend Fear with you too !

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robin said...

What a precious picture of him and his little buddies! I'm SO excited that he's entered this stage!!! I love watching kiddos pretend play, especially when they're just beginning! And to see R begin pretending is totally awesome!!

Lyndsey said...

This brings tears to my eyes. I am so very happy for R (and you and A of course). I know this was a struggle for him--what a joy to see him enjoying something so wonderful and fun!

Lisa said...

K, that is wonderful!
Why is it so hard to get rid of the worry and fear....and for me forget the milestone charts!!

Their way, on their time...right?!

Beautiful moving picture!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful! He is such a lucky boy to have you.. and you are such a lucky mom to have him. You are both very special....

BenLand said...

incredible.....i'm so happy for your family...

great picture too :)

Niksmom said...

Yjis brought tears of joy to my eyes and hope to my heart for my own son's development.

How is it that I often find the message I need when I visit your blog? Thank you, Kajoli. And thank you, Universe.

Anonymous said...

Words we all should live by! Beautiful post! Your little guy is one lucky boy to have a mommy like you...Thank you for sharing...The picture is the sweetest!

Frogmum said...

That is a beautiful shot of one beautiful little man and of a moment you will always remember I'm sure :D

melody is slurping life said...

I squealed and got all goose-bumpy while reading this. You and he are blessings to one another and to us.

You teach me so much and help me keep proper perspective each time you share your heart and son.

The photo is precious. He is a handsome guy.

Mr. Daddy said...

So happy for you and DH and R...

Beautiful post...(as usual)

Puna said...

hahaha! No worries for sure!

Territory Mom said...

I love his chair. Another miracle!!! I bought every toy in the world too. All my little guy wanted to do was to be outside. I am so happy today because of your posts.

Kerry said...

Beautifully precious photo.
I love reading things from your perspective as well. Thank you!

Bonnie said...

incredible story and great picture !

danette said...

I love it! How awesome for R, and for you and dh, that is huge :). Wish I was there to give you a big hug!

I love that perspective too - all in their own time. I believe that too, we've experienced it with so many things with our boys.

SoCo mom said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am a fan of their Italian and Espresso Forte but like all their coffees.

Re: your post -- wow, I am so happy for you both!!

We went through this with James and just this year he is starting to pretend play with a tea set and trains. He is beginning to play with a stuffed giraffe and his Rocket ship and he "reads" books to us.

You have a very wise friend. And a very beautiful and happy boy.

Thank you for a great reminder.

Jos said...

I am so thankful for a friend like you and so desperately wish we lived closer. And I really and truly believe you need to write a book.

TJ said...

I second what Jos said. Write a book. I'll buy a zillion copies!!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post...and I think your friend is right. We need to keep the faith that our kids will do everything...eventually. How exciting about the pretend play!!

Stephanie said...

"how freeing it would be if I just assumed that it would all turn out all right."

I think I am going to put this up on my bathroom mirror to look at daily. Lovely.

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