Friday, June 12, 2009

Weekly Round Up W/O June 8

She generally gave herself very good advice, (though she very seldom followed it), and sometimes she scolded herself so severely as to bring tears into her eyes; and once she remembered trying to box her own ears

  • Lewis Caroll, Alice in Wonderland

That my friends ,sums up my efforts as far as pretend play and arranging play dates go.

However this weekend I have a play date planned and I also intend to rearrange the doll house ( loving Family by fisher price ) in his therapy room. I am planning to recreate some home scenes that he is familiar with. He keep throwing the babies away so I bought a little boy and have told him that the boy is R and the woman is me ( slim, white blonde version of me LOL) as a result he loves the woman and carries her everywhere ( and I somehow manage to keep finding it by sitting on it )

we are doing pretty well with Sensory Motor Play and getting the back and forth interaction cooking –courtesy the summer weather and also the back yard set up.

The trampoline has turned into the inadvertent therapy room and we are able to get a lot of circles of communication going as we jump wildly and alternate with lying in it and idly point to all the things we see.


PT started seriously . R knows exactly what to do, has perfect control ( night trained forever ) and has NO Interest. He is a very rational person and sees NO sense in interrupting whatever important task he is engaged in to go to the bathroom. Motivation is our biggest barrier.

I hate PT ( because I see his Point of view – and I also hate asking him to do things he does not like – still can no longer push it off as he is 4 )


Swam and Jumped and Swung


In the day he went to Lucy's house with DH and snuggled with her in the hammock. She was so thrilled. DH was asking him to do things and he was not doing them. Lucy said "let him be , he will do it when he is ready."

According to her R was so happy with – he gave her a tight hug and a kiss. DH told me the story and then Lucy also called in the evening to boast about it. Its been said before but I will say it again – I Love Lucy – LOL

In the evening DH was off for golf and I went to get my eyebrows threaded ( kind of like waxing but much better ).

I bribed R with a lollipop –I can see the beginning of empathy as he was quite alarmed that my eyebrow was being plucked and went to protect my eyebrows with his hand . I had to pretend that threading does not hurt a bit( complete lie ) with my eyes smarting with tears at the pain . R knows me too well and was not convinced at all

After that I wrote down some options and he chose Target – so we went to Target and he said "Berz" ( numbers ) so we went to the card section where he lovingly stroked all the numbers on the birthday greeting cards ( you are 10 , you are 11 etc ) . He played in it for a while and then we went and bought a swim toys. ( he was not happy to leave the section – I had to do the stern voice )

We came back and swam and jumped till it was time to go inside


First day of ESY and he was very grumpy and tired as he hates to sleep early and wake up early

ESY went well he was the only kid there. His Assistant was there from ESY last summer and they both remembered each other. She squealed with joy when she saw him and he went and gallantly kissed her hand. She was delighted and love fest followed!!

In the evening - I made ( burnt) his dinners and had to throw it all and start again . We were having a lightning storm in the evening and he was very bugged with not being able to go outside. So we finally went after all the lightning was over and we jumped for a while though he continued to be teary and grumpy


We went out to answer an ad from a lady who was selling some wicker furniture.( we were looking for patio furniture and hers was for inside the house ) She had a very clean house ( completely beige – like everything was different shades of beige ) R and me in our brown skins and bright red clothes looked a picture in contrast LOL . R ran to her bedroom before I could stop him and was lolling on her beige cushions like a Sultan. I apologised profusely but he had won many brownie points from miss Eileen by shaking her hand solemnly when he met her so she said she did not mind at all

He did not want to go home ( cried when he saw we were turning in our neighborhood ) and so I asked him if he wanted to go to the store. And he said yes- But wanted to sit on my hip ( not in the shopping cart) and also stroke my hair ( sweet of him but his sticky hands and the potential danger of his gum chewing mouth in close proximity to my hair makes it a nerve wracking ordeal for me )

We came back and did a long Floortime session in the trampoline. Lots of pausing for cues from him. Waiting for him to take the lead – Waiting for words

I will update this after the weekend
R had musical gymnastcis and came home by 6 - we went outside after dinner and played around
I was a little busy as one of my friends was coming over for brunch and R had a complete meltdown - I really should have had a written schedule as his therapist were off too
He calmed down after we jumped around a litte in the trampoline - As soon as my friend arrived he was totally calm - especially after she gave him a packet of Dum Dums
After my friend left - we jumped swam swung and then he was all better
Then I cooked while he ate his snack
And we went to the park in the evening as he was perishing to Fite ( fly kite ) but once we went there he wanted nothing to do with the kite but instead wanted to sit on tp of the slides and look at the ground through the holes.
In the eveing i heard him answer all tehe questions correnctly on his Math desk - question s like if you have 19 and take away two what number do you have and R pressed correctly 17 etc etc
He will NEVER do stuff infront of me

All in all a so so week.


Becki said...

I know there is so much more to this post, but what I really want to know right now is does eyebrow threading hurt?

Floortime Lite Mama said...

yes it does as your hair is being pulled out but eyebrows look amazing

Becki said...

I had mine waxed once before and I cried! Perhaps I shouldn't try threading, LOL! Yikes!

Lisa said...

I admire you.


Territory Mom said...

You are such an amazing mom. When do you sleep? I think I would like to try to eyebrow thread. Also, my little guy loves blondes with great bodies. Complete opposite of his mommy.

Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed reading about all the things you did and getting to know R better through a post like this!

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