Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mercury Falling

Every day when I crack capsules of supplements, like eggs to mix into R's food, I cannot help but wonder if any of it makes any difference at all

While R continues to make progress its really not the kind of meteoric progress that I hear other parents talk about.( you sometimes hear parents whose kids will start talking within a month of starting DAN – this has not been our experience at all )

A little history on our biomedical intervention.

We have been doing some DAN since when R was 3.5 years

We did a very strict GF CF as soon as R was diagnosed at 2.5 years but showed no dramatic improvement.

DH ( especially ) and I are not the types to jump onto any bandwagon and while evaluation support options for R we have been VERY careful to look at the basic principle of- first do no harm.

Just to rule thing out in March of 2008 we did the French Porphyrin test

And found to our astonishment that R had extremely high mercury toxicity. Where all this mercury came from is a mystery as most vaccines are thimerosol free since 2002 and we do not eat fish at all .

One of the theories is really that mercury is everywhere, just some children have an inability to excrete it and they get developmental disorders

Anyway we went down the route of DAN- we went to really great MD who is a pediatrician with an autistic child - and found that R had

  1. Several food intolerances including strong intolerance to wheat
  2. Yeast
  3. And Mercury

Our DAN intervention comprises

Mostly Gluten Free

Nystatin for Yeast

And a number of supplements that help the body get more efficient at excreting mercury – MB 12, Enzymes and Probiotics,, Mercury free fish oil , TMG and Taurine

But NO Chelation – nothing drastic like that . Just the word Chelation makes me sweat bullets.

Well we just retested for mercury

Its fallen and its almost normal range . I don't know if the mercury caused his regression or not

But I am glad its gone






Huriya said...

We are thinking of having biomedical treatment for my son but DAN doctors are so expensive and not covered by my insurance.
My son is a picky eat as it is and I fear if I remove food he like from his diet he will starve.

Floortime Lite Mama said...

Huriya look for a reglular MD - ours is a regular MD and was thus covered by insurance

robin said...

Wow! Isn't it great to see the test results of all that time and effort in his diet and making sure he took all those supplements! Here's to the normal results!!! Sounds like a great doctor too!

Anonymous said...

That's great! This was interesting and informative. We never did any of this with Daniel because we're sure his Autism is genetic...but I know that Autism covers such a broad spectrum in so many ways...

Floortime Lite Mama said...

We also think R's autism has a strong genetic component - there are several members on my dad's side who could be diagnosed with Asperger's- we think it was mercury toxicity that adds to the other symptoms he has like Apraxia and Sensory Differences

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Thanks. =) It's the same here, with Aspergers most likely on his dad's side...and I know S has it. I think I might bring some sensory issues into, too. I SO understand a lot of those.

Becki said...

I read a thing not too long about about a study that found traces of mercury in high fructose corn syrup manufacturing plants. HFCS is in like practically everything these days...

Trish said...

What a great report! We have seen good response to diet and supplements and are actually just now looking into metal toxicity.

So glad you are seeing such good progress. :)

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