Saturday, June 13, 2009

SOOC Saturday - who is worthy

A few months ago we had rented a cabin.

One evening in the cabin, I was reading an email from a friend of mine - a mum of a severely handicapped child who wrote that she gets vibes from their social worker that imply that her child is a burden to the world- taking up resources and giving nothing in return ( a complete lie because this is a very loving wonderful and in fact very brave child)

Worthiness is so difficult a thing to measure

We use the term so callously !

What is s/he worth ? we say when we want to know how much money someone makes.

The email had made me think

And R had been super clingy all day. Though we had gone to have family time - I really needed a little time away from family

So I went for a walk and in the woods. It was sunset and very quiet and outside another cabin - I found a bunch of bikers ( tattos leather jackets and all ). I could feel their eyes boring into my back as I walked and I envisioned the next day's news "Weekend holiday turns deadly for tourist".

As I returned back up ( keeping my fingers on my mobile in case I needed to call DH to hear my last words ) one of them approached me.

And said shyly "miss we was wondering if you would take a picture of us so we could all be in it "

As they all stood together solemnly raising their beers for a picture.

I realised that they were all VERY old and VERY sweet

How close and full of love for each other they seemed as they stood close ( but not touching as is the rule among Western men.Never touch one of your own gender if you are a man )

Anyway walking back I came upon this sign

This love filled sign for a deaf dog along with a group of old friends who wanted to be photographed together said clearly

Surely every life capable of love is very worthy indeed


Beverly said...

great photo, love the sign!

Tara R. said...

I LOVE THAT SIGN! Your story was a heartwarmer too. I love the idea of bunch of old bikers wanting their picture taken.

heather said...

so true that you have no idea of someone's worth, someone's story until you take the time to listen. Love this story and the sign.

robin said...

Definitely made me tear up....sweet story.

Lisa said...

I absolutely love this story, touching and so very sweet!

Mr. Daddy said...

What is our worth? funny how we seldom evaluate our own, but are so eager and willing to pass judgment of
others worth...
This is such a thought inspiring post.

Much could be said if only analyzed from the head. Accepted from the heart there is only one answer.


Beautifully said...

the picture was the perfect period to the post.

Puna said...

Indeed:) Thanks for the post.

SoCo mom said...

That is a wonderful sign and story.

Just because our lives are different doesn't mean they are worthless or wasteful.

danette said...

That's really sweet, and so true.

Rachel said...

Oh my... what an absolutely beautiful and touching post. Terrific way to end the day in reading this.

Thank you!

Bonnie said...

what an interesting sign ! love it !!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Love that. Every word! And that sign is great!!

melody is slurping life said...

You have no idea what I am dealing with at the moment, but thank you for speaking to me.

You always speak to me.

cjaxon said...

what a great message! we are all worthy of love and worthy of life!

Rachel said...

By the way... my husband wrote about this post some time ago and we posted it today... I hope you enjoy and that others will enjoy coming to read what you have to say. Because we are still blessed that you have shared!

Have a great Sunday!

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