Saturday, June 20, 2009

SOOC Saturday: Unplanned Magic

I was crushed last week to learn that that Floortime Speech training I was planning to go to was cancelled
( Speech is a BIG deal for us right now - we are doing great on non verbal communication and pecs and just writing things out to communicate )
I had been looking forward to do it and had to move around a million things to make it happen
Of course hotel and travel was all non-refundable

Realizing that Disney magic Kingdon was only 30 miles away we decided to come anyway

Yesterday was hot

And muggy

And most of all it was magic

R shook hands with Mickey

And Rubbed Minnie's nose

And we flew on a magic carpet

Today I will see two good friends

And then later maybe see a whale or two

It seems this is the way of most of my life.

Things never work out according to plan

And I have a choice

Make the most of things the way they landed

Or not

And on this my happiness depends


Jessi said...

You have a fabulous attitude and I love the picture :)

aninont said...

Hi K,
You are right about the plans. The best laid plans sometimes never work.we should have been on the plane to India,,,. the trip after four years to see my grandma and to get Sanjay's hair shaven in a traditional way, two days, ago while doing PT, sanjay had a nasty fall on the trampoline and broke his femur-thigh bone into two pieces, it was a horrible fracture and he is now is a cast waist down and cannot move, sit straight.. can lie down if we move him with difficulty.We have been dealing with low muscle tone and he needed so much movement to regulate him, like R, swim,sing sun and swing was that regulated him and now he is bed bound for six weeks. We are devastated just thinking of the loss of tone, muscle mass, losing skills, diaper rashes, pain, muggy weather inside the cast... my list of fearful things just got longer.
Need some prayers and good vibes...

Love to R

Lisa said...


Everytime I find my way over here, I find you spirit lifting and inspirational. You are an amazing lady!

I can't wait to take the children there one day, it looks as though fun was had by all!

SoCo mom said...

I am a Disney fan, so I applaud your decision.

As a mom of a boy on the autism spectrum, I love how patient all the folks at Disney are and how important it is for them to make magic happen for everyone.

I am glad you are having a great trip. That is a special picture indeed. Good luck with the speech!

Amy Jo said...

What a great way of thinking. It's quite inspirational, really. And what a cute shot! I bet you all had a blast!

Anonymous said...

Hi K,
Everyday I check your blog to see if you have posted anything new.
You are really an amazing mom.
I get inspired by your blogs.
I get great ides from you to work with my son.

Arizaphale said...

What a wise woman you are. So glad you got to see a little Disney Magic.

The Animator's Wife said...

Unplanned magic and FLEXIBILITY are both wonderful things to teach your son. Well done!

Floortime Lite Mama said...

Thank u so much for your kind words friends
P I am devastated to hear about this - how did this happen

Mr. Daddy said...

Attitude is the oil of contentment, to a squeaky life...

sounds like you did well.

Kerry said...

Love the Picture.

cjaxon said...

great pic! good for you, making the most of a situation! You never know, that trip might be something exciting enough for your little man to really really make a breakthrough in speech! Good Luck!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you that you got to go...and that you chose to make the trip magical anyway. =) What a fun memory you'll have to look back on, even if the weekend didn't go as planned!

Anonymous said...

Love your way of thinking, and great SOOC shot :-)

Shovona said...

dear K,

the picture looks great, and so does R. I hope you are having loads of fun. If I am lucky one day I will also go to Disney world.
Give my love to R and A

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