Thursday, December 25, 2008

The sea is the real thing

I am writing this post while sipping coffee sitting by the sea
Its not as amazing as it could be as its a pale pale day and kind of chilly but still ...
its the sea and the sounds of the waves crshing is a treat ( as is this new flavor that Coffemate has launched called Italian Sweet Cream
We had the most amazig OT hour yesterday . R and I dug our heels in the sand and met the waves . The sound of the waves and the feel of the crashing water is such perfect therapy.
All the ballpits, platform swings etc etc are mere substitutes for this-- the real thing!
I was reminded of Bill Stillamn's articles ( here are his archived articles of this handsome man an ASD consultant who writes so beautifully - where he says he is sick of parentc complain about how expensive it is to raise austistic child. And how these things like playing in the pool are amazing valuable experinces for our kids

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