Monday, December 1, 2008

The best place to be in

... is inside your hug
I am away this week and know how true this is
The best place to be is inside your hug
Took this picture last night
R was sooo clingy this weekend ... Its like all weekend he knew I was going away
How he knows ... I do not know
There is a theory of autism called the broken mirror neurons theory -
Example normal people have mirror neurons - so if I see you eat something tasty my mouth will water
Some scientists claim that Autism is caused by broken mirror neurons
Interesting theory
But what puzzles me is R has ACUTE empathy - rather than being oblivious to people - he senses what they are feeling and starts feeling it himself
Like this weekend .. he knew I was leaving Monday - he whimpered and looked downcast most of the weekend and was cling cling cling and today when I opened my suitcase in my hotel .. I realised with a pang that he had put a few of his books in there
It seems to funny to me that while I worried about him turning into an unemotional detached child when we first learned he was Autistic and read the stupid outdated books like "the world of autism"... the reality is quite the opposite

But once I leave he bounces back

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docpadma said...

It is very hard, I can understand how you feel.I am glad that he bounces back though.
Can you guys do video chat and can Rohan type?

It is amazing that he kept his books in your bag, that kid is something!!! wow, he knows so much...

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