Saturday, December 27, 2008

its over

I cannot say how sad I am that this vacation is over.
it has been really really blissful - we just came back from our last walk on the beach. I am writing this post on my laptop on the balcony in the simply gorgeous twilight on the sea
Thank you god for this beautiful time and beautiful place
I truly think that this vaction ha sbeen good for R as well .. we have gone into the sea everyday .. he has loved playing in the sand and I think he really loved having us around all the time. Now when he cant see me for a few minutes.. he does not run around franctically looking for me in desperation . but seems so much calmer
I do think he misses therapy and misses his computer ( I dare not let him use the laptop )
The only thing about a seas side vacation that kind of sucks is just how messy it all is - the sand it gets i =n everywhere
And what do I miss about home
The amount of space
My cleaning supplies ( oh how I mss my Dyson )
his 1-2 hours of therapy every day ( that is when I get all my adult time )
Having said that .. I can mournfully admit that I am dreading going back

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robin said...

Your vacation sounds lovely...I love the beach when it's not too hot. And your previous post about putting your (and R's) feet in the water sounded like so much fun! Glad it went well...

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