Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I miss you

There is just such a HUGE change in him these days L - While there has been a TON going on – we basically moved bedrooms, relatives who adore him are at home 24-7 and want to engage with him a LOT , his toys are all put away as we are building a new playroom – All in all the changes in the past 10 days of his comfort zone has been HUGE and he is showing a LOT of stress

He just is not with it – he does not engage more – most of his communication request for something functional like DUms Dums

I feel like we took a step back in the developmental ladder

So, for example, no more making ME do his ABA routine – like point to dishwasher and look at my face so I say "dishwasher" and do a happy dance when I say it

No more searching my face , looking at my face

A lot of hand leading … a lot of nursing ( again a key indiactor of stress )

Willing to sit on the potty but no longer willing to actually go potty

He is doing fine in therapy and school and nobody else notices the change but me

But I clearly see the difference. It is really breaking my heart

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Anonymous said...

Consider it a temporary set back for the greater good. I think this is a particularly hard time of year for a lot of kids with the change in school, season, weather...R has a lot going on. But it's going to be good for him in the long run. He'll come back to you. I wish I could give you a hug...and a hand with maybe some painting?

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