Friday, September 19, 2008


We are all sick ( school season officially started I guess ) and I am still feeling happy!

My darling is back – After almost 2 weeks of spaciness his eyes are fully alive again - Gooodness how I missed him!

The "with it look is back in his eyes. Back to giving hugs and kisses generously

Initiating interaction, demanding songs, and hugs. Trying to control his environment –

Making me lie down next to him all the time and not move. Pushing other people away

Searching my face when he asks for something instead of avoiding my eyes

Seeking me out instead of shutting me out

Alert instead of spacey

No one but me noticed that he had come back but then no one but me had noticed he had gone.


robin said...

How good that must feel again... :)

danette said...

So glad to hear he's feeling more alert now, hope you're all over the sickness by now too.

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