Monday, September 22, 2008

Play room

I am so excited about this new playroom that we are making for R

His granma is doing a GREAT job of setting it up with color – of course everything takes twice as long as you would expect

I also bought these items

A mural that acts as a chalkboard and whiteboard

A carpet from

and a swing that goes upto 100 pounds

The swing is here but the rest of the stuff is still to come

Hope it looks as good at home as it did on the website

I will post pictures when we are done



robin said...

I got a swing for my birthday that we hung from a chain on a limb in the backyard. Scott sits on my legs and we swing around on it...I just love swings. I hope R loves his too.

This was mine:

danette said...

That sounds really cool, can't wait to see pictures!

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