Sunday, December 23, 2012

An ordinary week

Do you know who enjoys reading this blog the most?

Its me

Just by writing down my days, I feel like I can go back to them later and enjoy the awesome bits

And so for that reason I am chronicling the ordinary bits of our daily lives - DH , R and I

This week I have been incredibly busy -

My team and I had deadlines and presentation everyday

There has been so much going on and yet every evening by not simply being mindless. I have managed to quite enjoy myself


We decide to go to Ikea - We must be the only people who literally go to IKEA so that they can eat in their crappy restaurant

R for some reason LOVES their chicken

When you have a child that eats fear factor style - its such a treat to see them gobble something down
Plus he also loves their play area

Unfortunately he exceeds their requirement to go to the ballpit - but fortunately he has reached the stage where we can reason with him

The mega tantrums that were part of summer  have gone and they were a result of the stress that we all were under

We go to Sams Club - as its close by so we can get our Christmas cards

OMG its so rainy and windy

Our umbrellas that DH was so smug about ( that he has spare ones in his car- unlike in my car where there are none  ) are no use as they turn upside down and try to make us fly in the sky !!!

We get our holiday cards and I would like to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year


We have a team meeting

Its finny to be sitting around the same table that we used to sit around with this team

I am so glad we finally have a team in place again - we really like all three of them very much

They are smart and sweet and positive

One of them even has a child with ASD which you can imagine is a huge advantage as a therapist to have that intuitive understanding


After his morning snuggles

R- suddenly burst into tears - I asked him why

I gave him my phone to type -- he typed in "the baby is crying because" then he erased it and wrote that "the boy is crying .."

I am happy that he changed "baby" to "boy" but I still don't understand why he would could not complete the sentence

Why is it so hard for him to explain what he is feeling in words ?

Usually we offer him multiple choice options but I want to stop doing that - as I always wonder if I am putting words in his mouth

I am very depressed at the CT stuff and have been trying to avoid the news

Someone sends me this article though and this line about one child who died who had autism breaks my heart

Dylan Hockley, 6, was found wrapped in the arms of Ann Marie Murphy, 52, who pulled the boy close to her as she tried to shield him from the spray of bullets that killed them both. 
"We take great comfort in knowing that Dylan was not alone when he died,"

There is also  story about a terrible assault on a woman in Delhi that is making the rounds.

Plus in each of these cases, everybody is jumping on their favorite sandbox ( guns, videogames etc in the case of the former ) and some articles on how women should act and dress in order to prevent being assaulted - that are making me so sad :-(

Sometimes the world makes no sense at all


I get my new Microsoft Surface - it is FANTASTIC and I am in love with it

I used to have an IPAD and there is really no going back to it -

The kickstand and keyboard are major points in its favor

And the fact that it has Word, Excel , One note etc makes it kind of more than a tablet

( though I cannot type on the touch keyboard and DH and I later in the week go to the Microsoft store at the Bellevue mall to get the type keyboard )

Plus you can attach a mouse to it ( as it has a USB port)

I am blogging for it right now and it feels light and beautiful and effortless

Its main cons are that
  1. IE is slower,
  2. I really needed the type keyboard,
  3. I wish there was a proper mail client- something seriously awesome like the outlook that comes with office
 But that is about it -I have to remember to compare it with an Ipad or a Android Tablet ( both of which we have )

And the Microsoft Surface beats them hands down

For all the things that I use a tablet for - blogging, doing some office work , facebooking, reading books - it really could not be more perfect

Also it comes with  Office

I spend the evening fawning on it )


When I come home I am so dead tired - I take a bath and get into my nightgown and wooly-mammoth robe

DH and R are out at his OT ( we LOVE his new OT )

She has given him a Christmas present - which he smells clearly - its so interesting as how he tries to get a clue is inside!

 he likes it quite a bit - its a microwaveable bear ( I have to say the being able to cuddle up with a warm bear is awesome ...but the sight of the bear going round and round in the microwave - makes me feel a little creepy)


When you are out of ideas, there are always bubble baths and balloons and swing

Sensory is the refuge of the lazy floortimer.

But my standards have been sooo low these past 6 months with so much going on in our lives with all the changes that even sensory is a baby step in the right direction

R's tummy is not good and we are kind of worried- we are going to explore allergies once again   - he is  quite a thin  child and any little illness gets each rib showing


All my deadlines for this week are behind me and they have been all gone well

Most of my colleagues are out and so I have very few emails

The sun is out and I go up to the window area to work

This is what I can look at  if I sit there

Even though its been cloudy for months - its so stunning today it almost makes up for it

I am so ridiculously relaxed and stress free today  - it feel like the best most awesme most relaxed day of the past 6 months

We will be back to madness in 10 more days but this is joy

I go home and we play with R's train that DH has set up - I try some real Floortime

 You guys the going is so hard

He gets me to get the scrabble board game down from the high shelf

I try an interactive game and of course its such a hard going -

I remember when DH was doing Hanen ( YEARS ago ) the therapist had done a home visit and come and showed us how we should write down the number of turns we are going to take with R - - and cross out each turn as we go past it

My dear reader- I am sometimes taken aback as to how R keeps making progress on so many things and none at all in some others

Anyway I use that technique today and with much whining we get a few turns around

The word knowledge is not the problem at all as you can see - so he gets that he can convert a word like "MAD" ( mine ) to "MADE " but he wont do it without a major whine fest


I am still so relaxed - its bizzare how little email I have got today

We wake up late -lounge around in bed reading, snuggling with R - all of us on our respective tablets and devices

We have a  super late brunch -

R thankfully eats  good meal of veggies and I am so grateful for that

R's social skills class is at 1.30 but we barely make it ,so unwound are we all

Its in the library and its for two hours so DH and I go off to the Mall where we browse, get the keyboard  for Surface and DH points out Steve Ballmer at the Microsoft store

OMG I am so excited

As we leave, I ask one of the employees if he knows Ballmer is here - and he says ( very cool and relaxed and not at all swooning )  that Steve B is here a lot and that just the other day both Bill Gates and Steve B were there

DH and I share a frozen yogurt

( mostly me as DH does not believe in Frozen yogurt - ie he believes in its existence - but he feels that Frozen yogurt is pretending to be icecream and this hypocrisy along with other fake things like fat - free cream and turkey bacon are things that he has strong principles about )  and

The library has this AMAZING quaint old tyme display for Christmas that I am entranced by

oh how I adore dollhouses

This sign in the display makes me laugh out loud

R's old  therapists have had a team meetings with another child and they text me a picture of them
They are as nostalgic for us as we are for them

We text back a picture  of me and R saying "we love u " and we are all too mushy for words

This dear reader was a week in my life

I am writing this post sitting in bed with  glass of sparkling water and I am wondering where you are reading it from

I am struck by the magic of  the online world .

Good night  dear reader


Puffin said...

Beautiful blog entry. Have a Merry Christmas K, I love reading about your lovely family!

Yuji said...

I was able to read your post at breakfast while my son was occupied with his iPad. So glad that you are having some sunshine now, both literally and through relaxed days. Happy holidays!

Bright Side of Life said...

Your post is so full of such lovely information and I am afraid that my comment may turn into its own blog post!! Therefore, I just going to tell you that it is 7pm here and I am sitting on my most favourite chair. Nick is lying in my bed and Thomas is setting the table for supper, which my husband has cooked.... it smells great! Thank you for sharing your days.

Floortime Lite Mama said...

Ahh love the image u created Di

Floortime Lite Mama said...

Thanks Yuji for describing what u were doing

Floortime Lite Mama said...

Jill darling
I miss ur blog

Li said...

Belated Merry Christmas! I'm so glad you are back to blogging.

In case you didn't know, there are browsers such as Dolphin and Opera made for tablets. You shouldn't have to use IE--it's awful!

Þorgerður said...

Drinking a coffee from a brand new cup with tiger dots,eating a toast with cheese...Sturla is laughing and playing with Eiki... some bizarre game. It is wet and windy and one a clock.
Love your post as always.

Floortime Lite Mama said...

Yayyy li I missed u

Floortime Lite Mama said...

Porgerour thanks for painting that picture

Jenny Saul-Avila said...

The wondering what others are doing. Sitting on the couch w/ my laptop on its little desk, with the TV on, no volume, as usual, thanks to child w/ supersonic hearing. I've just finished eating way too much cream cheese & crackers, followed by chips & salsa (my idea of a balanced meal lately, as being home for dinner does not happen during the week). Sitting next to a baby monitor that is quiet for now. My little boy has been sleeping badly & we have never given up the comfort of the monitor.
I'm glad you are blogging again & glad I'm reading your blog again.
I think it's so awesome that you have team meetings. I would love to do that with our people, but they're from different organizations, with all crazy schedules. But just to have everyone together at once would be magical.
I hope your son's tummy issues get better in the new year - maybe adjusting to new place, holiday food?
I would ramble further, but I'll stop now.

Floortime Lite Mama said...

Loved your rambling .. Thanks for the lovely long comment and ur dinner sounds fab

Looking for Blue Sky said...

You know it's sad that there are not more bloggers that use them to write diaries, I love reading about other people's lives and nodding in agreement one moment and then being amazed the next :) Love the idea of the warm teddy, though I think that I would avert my eyes from the microwave too!

tpolite said...

just read your post and i miss you here in Tennessee! sounds like you guys are settled and doing well. the pictures you gave us are working well as Nic is using PECS very regularly now!! He is going through a very rough phase so we are hanging in there but boy oh boy!! Have a great New Year and my best to you, R and DH! Tracy

tpolite said...

just read your post and i miss you here in Tennessee! sounds like you guys are settled and doing well. the pictures you gave us are working well as Nic is using PECS very regularly now!! He is going through a very rough phase so we are hanging in there but boy oh boy!! Have a great New Year and my best to you, R and DH! Tracy

Barbara TherExtras said...

I am showing my Hubs your review of the MS tablet.

"I am struck by the magic of the online world", too. Wishing, however, the magic included a 'window' of time. (Hope that is understandable.)

Sending love and wishes for your Dear Family to have another year of growth and development. (My best wish evah!)

Floortime Lite Mama said...

@ Dr Barb - thanks so much - I miss u xoxoxo- if your hubby likes to keep a product around for a long time - he may want to wait for v2
@ tpolite - joy to see you here - sending you and Nick loads of good vibes
@ looking at new sky - yayyyy so glad to read your comment - hope u r blogging again!

Anonymous said...

It is so nice to catch up with you!! I am sitting in our dark office nursing Jackson to sleep while I finally read blogs!:)

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