Monday, December 31, 2012

5 reasons to be cheerful

My dear friend Di  told me about a blog hop that is being hosted by Mummy from the heart 

If you have time do join the blog hop

She is one of those people who always look on the bright side of things - but is still realistic ( kind of like me )

When I read her post -

 I thought, what a lovely way to end the year

On a note of gratitude

What a year its been for us !!

So much change - new house, new job, new school, new city

And yet its been a year with many gifts in it -

( though I have had to work hard to see them )

Reason 1 : A Stay-TV-cation

DH , I and R are all so drained that we decide that we will do a true this is different from a staycation as a staycation implies that you go around the city and do things.

Even that sounds too energetic for we are just drained and so we basically stay around the house

We cook, clean and eat

Snuggle on the couch

And watch movies

( R is not well and I am so glad he is unwell while we are all at home so we can take it easy )

Reason 2: The child

A child who is blossoming in his own slow and steady way and who keeps us amused with his originality and charm

Here he is- cooing and singing to the "microphone" -
Having an impromptu picnic at our unfurnished dining room ( as its raining - as per usual )

He changes our screensavers with these cartoons so dear to him
I see signs of him experiments - here is he having found an icepack from the freezer and he has staged a scene with the book "Ice is Nice" and this "Ice"

( the ice pack leaks eventually owing to R's ministrations but I don't mind:-) )

He makes little sensory breaks for himself in noisy places

Reason 3 : A new kind of beautiful place

The Pacific Northwest has its own kind of beauty - no less stunning with the grey, the fog and the rain

Here is the lake, I talk about to you, right next to our house

Reason 4: A family that loves R unconditionally

This year as I get Birthday Cards from his grandparents and his aunt  - I am so touched

 They  are trying so much  to connect with him -

His cards are always in the shape of a number as that is what he likes -

 In these cards, they try to write the few phrases he had when he saw them last

He is so far away and so much in their hearts.

Even without understanding Autism, they have a full hearted acceptance and love for R

Reason 5 A DH that loves the big adventures and the small

The love of my life has shaped my life so much -

As we enjoy the little adventures of cooking

And fireplaces and movies

 And snuggles and lounging around

And the big adventures of moving homes, and jobs and school .

The bigger adventure of autism.

And the biggest adventure yet of life

Wish you a wonderful new year .

May we all look for reasons to be cheerful in 2013

May we find those moments

And when we find those moments , may we be grateful for them


Yuji said...

What wonderful sentiments to start the new year. Happy 2013 to you and your family!

jazzygal said...

Sounds like 2012 was a meaningful year for you all. R's relative may not understand his Autism but they sure understand him and that's worth it's weight in gold. Lovely, positive post.

Happy New Year to you, hubby and your beautiful boy :-)

xx Jazzy

Bright Side of Life said...

Such a lovely post, K. I really enjoyed reading about your reasons to be cheerful.
Just to clarify, Michelle at Mummy from the Heart is the host for this blog hop. (
Happy New Year. x

Floortime Lite Mama said...

@ Yuji - thanks so much
@ Jazzy - HNY right back at u, your DH and your beautiful boy
@ Di - thank you darling - I will edit the post to reflect mommy from the heart

MichelleTwinMum said...

Definately important to be grateful for those moments we have. I hope your little one is well again now. Happy new year, Mich x

Anonymous said...

so lovely! i especially loved #4...that touched my heart.

TJ said...

(((K))) Checking in for the first time in a while. Feeling grateful that you are willing to do the hard work of searching for the good times in the midst of the challenging ones. Luv u.

Floortime Lite Mama said...

Miss ur blog TJ and love u back

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