Saturday, June 2, 2012

What we did in May

I have missed writing here this month

I feel like a walking to do list

Too much work and too much travel

Press the Pause Button 

To keep from having life turn into a logistical operation I keep trying to press the pause button

Since its summer, and the days are so long , that  even when I come home late from work we are still able to find an hour to  have picnics in the backyard

and lying in the trampoline staring at the sky

And walking on logs in the river

And sliding and sliding

And playing with flowers

We have instituted a policy of Tuesday evening being just R and mommy time

This day he gets to decide whatever he wants to do and we go ahead and do it and do it just the two of us

Sometimes its the library

Sometimes its to go to the grocery story and ride the cart touching all the bags of chips

GI issues 

One of the worst things to happen this month is that R's stomach problems are back .  His ped is thinking that this is the residual worms that did not all clear up  - so he is back on medication for it

The medication has a side effect of nausea and low appetite and I feel I spend all day coaxing bits of food in him ( that he sometimes will throw up )

His appetite is at an all time low - and its a source of unbearable stress and misery

Still this too shall pass

And why dwell on this

Isnt joy mostly a matter of focusing on the joyful bits

R's gran and aunt are here and are spoiling him rotten - his gran is the best cook the other side of the atlantic ( DH is the best on this side ) - and she is cooking us meals that are sublime

We attended a wedding of R's beloved Miss Kristen - me in my usual elaborate finery

The ceremony is beautiful

And R is fascinated by the trumpet which the kindly player lets R touch to his heart's content at the end

But he is very disappointed that Miss K is not making a fuss of him ( as she is too busy getting married )

And cries inconsolably in the arms of Miss S( who fortunately is also attending the wedding and makes a fuss of him )

Fortunately things end on a better note as Miss K holds him close and loves on him

I was full of stress as I started to write this post  - as I am leaving on Monday once again for a week long trip - with all the guilt that accompanies

But, writing here is centering me as always

I need to connect with all of you as I feel I have lost touch with you guys in the hurry and worry of this month

Promise to come and visit your blogs soon



danette said...

Hi K, I'm so glad to see your post! Can I just say you look beautiful and your dress is gorgeous! I can relate all too well to the long hours and related guilt... although I agree it is so nice when it's still light out when I get home and we can still hang out, especially now that school is out and we can let the boys stay up a little later without having to worry about getting them up in the morning (although truthfully, they are really good about getting up). I'm sorry to hear about R's GI issues and hope he is feeling better soon. Hope your time away goes quickly and you're back home before you know it.

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

I hope R's GI issues clear up soon. May is a month of craziness here as well. But always a surprise to see you post an update!

Looking for Blue Sky said...

I can't believe how fast time is flying, good to see that summer has arrived where you are and loving the beautiful dresses in the photos :)

Kris said...

K, I loved your pictures. R is just so cute! I love that you have a night for just you and him. Since I have 4 kids, I try to take just one of them out to dinner each month. I constantly feel guilt too: guilt that with 4 kids none of them gets the attention they need, guilt since I started my job that now they get even less attention, guilt that I do not watch their homework carefully goes on and on. I know how you feel! I hope R is feeling better and his GI problems clear up soon. It is a helpless feeling when kids are sick!

robin said...

How sweet that you and R have a dedicated evening with just the two of you! My teenage daughter needed that a LOT when she started having issues at one time. It was a lifesaver! Loved the pics! It was awesome that the trumpet guy was so kind!

Yuji said...

I'm sure it is tough to be away, but you are making the most of the time you have with your son.

How sweet that others at the wedding gave attention to R... glad that the bride even took time out to give him a big hug.

Hang in there!

Yuji said...

I'm sure it is tough to be away, but you are making the most of the time you have with your son.

How sweet that others at the wedding gave attention to R... glad that the bride even took time out to give him a big hug.

Hang in there!

Mr. Daddy said...

Yes, Life is way to busy, I know what you mean about the travel. Whenever I have to go out of town anymore I miss Rach and Itty Bit so much.

You are right though we need to focus on the joy:)

loved reading your post as always..

Hope and pray that R's tummy gets better soon.

ggop said...

Love that the bride took time to hug R. I'm going to also institute a week night just to indulge my child.

Also looking fabulous in the orange sari..I can't drape one to save my life. :)

Barbara @therextras said...

Just a little tweet will do...! ;)

Wishing I had something more than sympathy to offer on the gi problems. Hoping your doc is correct in his diagnosis and treatment.

Our 'touch' is not lost.ever.completely. You have established a bond with your readers.

Anonymous said...

I always love catching up with you. (LOVE your dress for the wedding , before I forget!) I hope R feels better soon- poor guy. I love your "date nights". I wonder if it's realistic for me to do something like that. I miss time with D all to myself.

Bright Side of Life said...

Hi K, I am sorry that it has been a busy and stressful month for you. I wondered where you had disappeared to!! Poor R, I really hope that his tummy problems get better quickly. Thinking of you! xx
P.S. LOVED your wedding outfit!

Tanya Savko said...

So good to hear how you're doing! I hope R's digestive issues improve and that your trip goes well. Thinking of you! xo

Unknown said...

I'm sorry his GI problems are back... I hope he gets better soon!!

Your summer evenings sound *so* lovely! And R looked so cute in those wedding pictures!! Poor little guy. I'm glad he got some loving in the end!

Anonymous said...

just stopping in, friend, to see how you and your precious family are. i hope that things are slowing down some. i know you and R will still find a way to grab the joyful bits.

Anonymous said...

just stopping in, friend, to see how you and your precious family are. i hope things have slowed down some. i know you and R will keep finding a way to grab the joyful bits.

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