Tuesday, October 25, 2011

True Story Tuesday; encounters with minor celebrities

One of the things that I love about R is that he has his own rules about what he likes and does not

He rarely follows the herd

I often wish I was more like him as I am too prone to worry what others think

But sometimes I also wish he was more like me

Its almost impossible to convince R that something is cool - if he does not think it is

So you can stand in line for ages and get to meet a character that another child would swoon to meet and it means nothing to R and he cannot wait to get away

Or you can pay an embarrassingly large  for a swim with a dolphin and your child simply does not care and strains away from the dolphin
Slowly we have started to give up trying to create these situtaions for him

Not in a sad or despairing way

Not at all like that

We are simply becoming sensible to the fact that these things are  meaningless to R and since the whole point is to bring him joy, its really better to buy him foam numbers than get him to meet Mickey

But it seems that R gets to meet his fair share of celebrities whether we try or not

Whether it is our visit to Disney and the Little Einsteins set up a photo booth right next to where we are taking a break. And leo tells R that he wears glasses just like him

Or at the Animal kingdom where the forest nymph drapes around a tree where R is resting nonchalantly - while tourists around us click hundreds of pictures

Or today when we went for R's school fundraiser.

And we almost leave because its so very crowded .. but just when we are leaving DH spies an empty table

And Ronald comes and talks to R and they actually have an exchange

This true story happened this Tuesday and has been written for my wonderful friend Rachel's True story Tuesday here 


Rachel said...


I adore when you join TST, because it gives us such a beautiful peek at your tender spontaenous moments! I love all the photos that you put in last weeks, and each one this week made me smile!

I especially adore that I could enjoy that video too. You saw him signing "I love you" to R! That precious bit of affection when R leaned into him... I would gladly come visit for that! :)

Too funny - it's like R is a celebrity character magnet. At least he isn't completely freaked out by them (like ahem... I kind of sort of was/am/was).

You are positively lovely in the video... must bribe your husband to take more for the blog :)

Thank you so much for joining in - you made my day!

Mr. Daddy said...

"and since the whole point is to bring him joy, its really better to buy him foam numbers than get him to meet Mickey"

there are so many that would not get this....makes my heart so happy for R that you do:o)

Bright Side of Life said...

That was so nice.
I loved when little r leaned into big R......... my son does that!

robin said...

Awwwwww! He is definitely unique, in a really good way!

Reminds me of that commercial that's been mentioned lately with the passing of Steve Jobs. I mean, I bet he'll be like one of these guys when he's an adult! Someone who thinks different and makes the world a better place.


Yuji said...

It has taken us a long time to accept that our notion of fun is often not in line with what our son thinks. So, congrats to you for understanding that.

The interaction between Ronald and R was so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Awww! I loved this! ...and that you've learned to do what makes HIM happy! :)

Deb said...

Oooo, I loved this! The same thing has happened with our son and I have to remember it's about his happiness, not our expectations. This is easier said than done sometimes, but it is something vital to remember, day by day.

Floortime Lite Mama said...

@ rachel .. Its my pleasure darling
@ mr daddy and di thanks so much
@ robin.. What a lovely thing to say
@ yuji and julie and deb ..You are so right that is exactly what we try to focus on

Anonymous said...

*awwwww* I loved this!! True Story Tuesday sounds fun! **goes off to check it out**

Floortime Lite Mama said...

@ Marsupial mama you wont regret it - Rachel & Mr Daddy have an awesome blog and are such super people

AutismWonderland said...

Oh yes! Our recent trip to Disney we had the same feeling - after of course, standing in line for over an hour to meet Woody and Buzz.

For me, I think it meant so much because it was something I would have loved to do as a child. But my son is not me. And I've already had a childhood.

So like you, I'd much rather do things that my son truly enjoys, rather than things I want him to enjoy.

And I think once we let go of that, we all have so much more fun! Judging by the video, it looks like R is doing pretty okay :)

We're both smart like that :D

jazzygal said...

Lovely story and you're so right....just do things that mean something to R. Then everyone's happy and you have amazing photos for your albums just like any other family!

xx Jazzy

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