Sunday, September 5, 2010

On Hopeful Parents : Loving mother, Therapist mother

I am over at  Hopeful parents  here today talking about something I know many of us struggle with -
Our roles as parent mum and therapist mom
Spoiler alert : I have a solution to this tussle...................NOT :-)
If you have a minute to spare-  do go over to this lovely site


Anonymous said...

I loved your post over there. It was beautiful and touching in so many ways. I love the way you write and your adoration for your son comes through so clearly in your words. Amazing.

Þorgerður said...

a very very sweet post and i am glad to see you around again.

Lisa said...

Loved your post K.

You know I struggle with that balance daily.
Sometimes when I push him it feels like it takes away from allowing him to just be.
I love him for who he just is, yet I want him to be all he can be.


Kris said...

Beautiful post and yes I think we all struggle with this.

Trish said...

This was so good - thank you for sharing your heart.

kathleen said...

I so adore your writing..:)

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