Saturday, May 29, 2010

SOOC Saturday The many reasons to be hopeful

One of R’s therapists is expecting a baby

And has the worst morning sickness

“Who made the term morning sickness.. a man probably ..its all day everyday” she grumbles

As R, the human Prozac, holds her face in his hands to kiss her, her mood changes and she says

 “ It will be all worth it one day though.. one day when I have a child like R”

A child like R !

Not something a mother of a special needs child gets to hear ...ever

In the early days of our autism-life,   we would ask everybody for a prognosis – neurologist, psychologist, earlyinterventionist, person-who-knew-any-autistic-people-ist, mother of auties etc – as to what the future looked like for R

It did not take us long to realize that nobody knew

In fact, we were the ones that R’s world looked to ,

To describe R,

To know his worth

To predict his future

And so we chose the contended road

Chose to look at all of R- not just his problems

Unabashedly boasted about his strengths

Ruled nothing out

It has been the single most important choice we have made as parents and is the source of our happy  family

Further, It has been the most powerful therapy that we have used

For R in the glow of our adoring gaze is simply  blossoming

Last but not the least, his teachers and therapists , are infected by our hope and faith in him

So much so

That someone wants a child like R

Here is R giggling with a therapist who uses this picture as her facebook profile

Lovely Melody asks us to share something that makes us happy

And the love he gets from those that don’t have to love him but still do - makes me so

On her site you will meet her and other bloggers who share bits of their happies


robin said...

R's therapist sounds wonderful and I just love that pic of them! I just love that she said that! He has such a great smile! I love the style of parenting and can see how happy it makes your family!

Niksmom said...

This moved me to tears. Such a generosity of heart and spirit. It's no wonder R loves her, too.

Mr. Daddy said...

"You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life."
Albert Camus

You and your DH are wise indeed for choosing the road you travel...

May Gods blessings and happiness continue to shine upon you....

Rachel said...

I love his therapist! I love that she loves this boy that I also love (through a blog, but I would love to be hugged around the neck and have him giggle at me in real life).

So thankful for the genuine and loving people in his life. So thankful for his gifts and that they recognize them!

I adore that picture!

(And so thankful for the previous post in which you show another therapist with a wonderful heart!)

Lisa said...

How could one not be happy looking at his little face!
He's something!

Unknown said...

What a sweet, sweet post! I love the way you write about your son. And that is a wonderful picture!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

congratulations on the new baby. Such a wonderful gift is a child.

Keri said...

I love the uplifting, positive tone of your whole blog. It's so important to see the good in our kids (and the special people that work with them) each day rather than always focusing on their problems. R is lucky to have you as his mom :)

Anonymous said...

The choice to be contented is stripped by the choice to fight - for 'rights' and services. Please keep showing others the MANY reasons to be hopeful. Love your blog, K.

kathleen said...

Lovely post...wonderful to find other parents who feel the same way we do. Our kids have blossomed as well...simply because they could, and we knew it and let them..:)

Anonymous said...

your family, your perspective... always such an encouragement to me. his therapist is very blessed indeed to receive heart-lifting R-kisses.

danette said...

K - this is so beautiful! I love to see R blossoming (through your blog) and I love the approach that you and your husband have taken to nurturing his development.

Such a lovely picture - who could see his smile and smile along with him? And having therapists such as yours is such a blessing, isn't it?

Þorgerður said...

The adoring gaze...
the way children should be looked on :)

Sumithra said...

I just hope there are more people like R's therapist who truly understand the worth of our kids. And, for a therapist to have his photo on her profile, just shows what a wonderful person R must be! You are truly gifted to have a wonderful son.

melody said...

You have taken words right out of my heart (about my own sons).

R is a blessing to me, and so is his mother who shares him.

The photo, happiness indeed.

Anonymous said...

that was wonderful!!!

"Unabashedly boasted about his strengths" keep on doing that!!!! It helps so much and you've been such a good example for me as I feel like I've wavered these past few months.

i loved this post =)

korin said...

so so wonderful. All kids like R need therapists, friends and loved ones who think like this. <3

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