Thursday, March 11, 2010

In which I ramble on about the excruciating minutiae of my everyday life

In "The Secret Adversary" Jane Finn regains her memory after several year.( I am listening to an Agatha Christie novel in my car for it's a wonderful way to "read" for those of us who have little time. Further, tt and has turned commuting into a pleasure )

Well what Jane Finn says when she wakes up after her memory loss is this

"There are all these years I knew nothing about … just gone from my life " she laments.

Its for this reason that I blog and I miss it ( and my readers and other bloggers ) so much when I am gone from it
But simply have not had the time and energy to put together a post that is worth reading

Still,  if I don't write about this week at all - it  will be gone – as though it never was

And a future K , some years hence,  will be unable to relive a small portion of her simple but happy  life!

The Weekend Was simply spend eating giant breakfasts and driving up to the mountains to look at cabins .

The giant breakfasts are so that we do not need to stop to eat

Big breakfasts to me mean carbs - to DH they mean meat!

I am slightly repulsed by meat

So I yell down stairs sulkily "come up and slice up the sausage If you want it"

DH will yell up the stairs "Can't you do this little thing for me "

I will exclaim "it's a BIG thing.. its as repulsive to me as kissing a man would be for you "

I have to add with honesty " An attractive man though".. maybe wearing a plaid shirt" ( for the equivalent of DH kissing an unattractive man would be like chopping meat with bone- not just slicing sausage which is really not THAT awful  )

The attractiveness of the man to be kissed, is not a factor for DH and so he rolls his eyes and comes upstairs

We leave R behind with E on Saturday ( E is his therapist ) and they have a great time

And R chose to stay back with R rather than drive with us when asked –

 I find I can literally not stand it when R is unhappy in the back seat – for I know he gets car sick and since he works SOOOO hard on the weekdays – I really want him to enjoy his weekend

DH and I look at many houses and I really enjoy our time together - there is something so romantic about househunting isnt there ?

One of the houses that was on our short list has been vetoed by a contractor as having too many problems.

I am crushed by this as I had fallen in love with the house and it really did seem magical

I tell DH "there is a cold hard stone where my heart used to be … now all my house choices will be cerebral "
We come home – I cook frantically for the week

R had a great time with his therapists and went to Mc Donald's and the park .

However he guards me jealously when I am home and will not even let me walk to the garage unattended

Sunday We go YET again

The weather is gorgeous and R is with us and we end up having some fun

All the foreclosure are making me depressed though

One house we liked last week – but already had a contract on – has had the contract fall through – and its up for sale again

The realtor says we must see it and I tell DH that he could go by himself

Monday He goes to the house and loves it - I think this house may be it

Since we have to move fast,  we drive up AGAIN in the evening !

I love this house too – its very picturesque and sweet

Tuesday and Wednesday R makes me do the Wii Fit everyday – Guys I cannot tell you how boring this is while it encourages speech as R has to say what he wants me to do

Overall he is doing great with speech

He is not only using words ( and appropriately ) - he sings songs ( or the parts of the words that he can pronounce ) the other day he balanced the chairs and cushions to get to some hanging bells and jangled them - singing "jingle bells "

Hickory Dickory Dock and Yellow Submarine by the Beatles is the current top of the charts

We are having so much fun with him !!

The odd thing is that other things like joint attention etc are also coming - like he will point out things to me these days

He will point out and name all the characters in the Wii Fit and show them to me and look back to see if I am enjoying it as much or not

Perhaps he never showed things to me earlier because he did not know what things would be of mutual interest

He will also spontaneously ask me to sing songs and if I am off key he will say "Quiet it" ( very rude but the cutest thing ever )

He also shows some sympathy at times - like he will look at a scab and ask "hurt?"( of course he will try to help by scratching it away which is not cool LOL )

He also demands sympathy for his hurts

Sometimes the words he uses are not exactly right but they are correct

For example if I ask him "how much cheese do you want?"

Instead of saying "A lot" he will answer "big cheese"

All in all we are VERY happy with the way language is coming .


Brenda Rothman (Mama Be Good) said...

Big cheese makes perfect sense to me. I always respond to Jack's intended meaning with his words rather than correcting. In fact, my whole family ends up quoting Jack as he comes up with the best phrases.

Thank you again for the mini vacation!

Þorgerður said...

Glad you found a cabin and glader still that R language is on a roll. I got your post, thank you.
Things are hectic right now. So I'll find time to read it next week.

Lisa said...

K, I love big cheese!
Feta, cheddar, Go big or go home right when it comes to cheese.

The cabin hunt sounds mysterious and divine and like so much fun!

I have missed you and truly how can Wii fit be boring?! Love it!

robin said...

Oh, I have also missed you! I'm glad you both agreed on a cabin and hope you get it (am picturing what it might look like.) I love that R is singing songs...I think you ought to catch that on video! :)

Anonymous said...

Househunting is romantic and so much fun. I agree. Will you post pictures of your choice? Or even candidates?

I'm going to remember the comparison of kissing a man to whatever. That is a most certain way of driving home a point. I'm saving it for a big one.

Anonymous said...

Your analogy is priceless - eating meat and kissing....

This past week we watched home video of our vacation to Disney 9 years ago. Surprise - our CollegeSon did not like his 11-year-old self! Younger Teen accused me of making her have bangs - not liking her hair at age 8 years. I quickly corrected her that she had many choices and I did.not.make.her. lol.

We made extra effort to tell CollegeSon how much he was loved all his life, and that he was cute and age appropriate back then.

All that to say - you might be surprised what older R thinks - esp when he is a teen! Barbara

Rachel said...

I am enjoying immensely - the sharing of the details of your week!

How exciting to be house-hunting!

And how silly of R - when he knows if someone is off-key (as Itty Bit shushes me when I sing too!) :)

Happy househunting!

Anonymous said...

The progress in speech is so nice to hear about!! I think house hunting is fun because you're both dreaming about the same things. I miss that as I know we'll be in this house (which was supposed to be a starter house) for quite awhile. Good thing it's charming even if it is small!!! =) I understand about not finding time or something worthwhile to write about...but if we don't get it down, it will be lost! So much of what you say I can relate to. Oh, and the meat!! It isn't breakfast to Steve if he doesn't have bacon or sausage with it and I'm so sick of cooking either!! Why can't we just have eggs?! And I would LOVE pancakes or waffles, but it's just not his thing! =)

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