Tuesday, July 7, 2009

W/o July 3Weekly Round up : Saturday thru Thursday


Over the weekend I talk to all the therapists about his ABA program needing to change. I want to make sure that its not just that I am over-reacting at his recent tears - we decide that the two most important things will be - 1. not to start with discrete trial, 2. to change the program
While Discrete trial is only supposed to be 10 minutes there are some things he literally has been doing for a year. He knows exactly what clap your hands etc is he sometimes does not do it because he is bored and at other times becase his Global Apraxia prevents him from doing it
All the implementors agree with me and when I talk to the programmer she totally agreed with me.I really must be more on top of things. Perhaps we should have made this change earlier . His programmer will re-do the ABLL's and from then we will change the program
On Saturday R and I go to my friend's house - her kiddos are out of town with her DH and I have a great time,her house is very differnet from ours in that there are no screens - here we have pretty much 1 laptop + 1 TV per person
There is something very calming about her house - they are religiously very conservative and are bringing up their childreen in a very oldfashioned way. I can certainly see the positive side of their lifestyle.
R is at complete ease in her house lolling about on her cushions while J and I drink cappucinos and biscotti on the patio
Strangely he suddenly discovers bikes ( of her kids ) and kind hearted girl that she is - she gives me one of the girls's bikes.
R has his head turned around in adoration all the way home in the car - now he is suddenly interested even in the little Trike that he was full of disdain with earlier!
On Sunday I cook in the morning and then do a lot of triking - this is his new thing. J told me yesterday that I need to not think that R will not be interested or R will not do it and she is right -
Its true - I need to keep trying
We are supposed to go to a dear friend's neighbourhood birthday party . Its a small affair of only family but she is a doll and asks if we want to come to just be around some other kids. But becasue of the rain the party has shifted inside the house and so we decide not to go as its a family affair and all the R will probably be feeling cooped -up indoord . We will drop by later in the week with a book for her daughter C.
I have a great time in Target with R in the evening - we have gone to the store just for something to do as its raining ( does anyone else do that ) . R is interested in all the trycycles and we try them all. He is much taken by a wheelie thing that sits on the floor. I stay strong and not buy it as its 50 dollars and does not look that attractive since there is only the floor sample and its clearly been tried by all the kids !!

I have a really busy day at work after a wonderful 3 day weekend. DH is very PO'd with me as I forgot to do something for him at work- plus I cannot make this week's neurologist appointmment( wee meet with a neurologist every 6 months just to make sure we are not missing something ) either and so I do a lot of things to mollify him - cut up mangoes, obsequiosly pander to him .

R has done a sudden turn around in his therapy session and is very cheerful and excited - I can see how much happier E ( his theraist ) is also at the change

After his session is over - we jump swing and "bike ". Though in the trampoline he is quite parasitic - he wants me to pick him up and jump . This is no easy feat !!

I get caught in a Miss Marple recordingfor PBS the one about "Sing a song of Sixpence " its one of my favorites and I must watch it till the end. I really waste a lot of time. All we do today is bike and jump for a little bit
We did meet for lunch at Mc DOnalds though

DH went for golf this evening - I love it when he goes out with his friends as it makes a big diference to how happy he is if he gets fun- guy-time. Its really not easy to be a SAHD or SAHM
R sits in my lap in front of the frig magnets - making the words no longer interests him - so I entice him by saying things - like - I am trying to make "RAT" what should I start with - then he quickly gives me the "R"
I guess like me -my son is a sentence completer -

We jump and bike for a while - R is not at all good with the bike - But I am so thrilled he is trying. Mrs C and Mrs J stop by to say Hi - they are sooo sweet and are so loving to R - Mrs J has had 3 bypass surgeries and owing to this has the best perspective in life - She is probably 60 but I love her so !!When I had told her about Autism - all she said was " Well its great you know .. now you can find a way to help him "
They ask me how he is doing . I say "Great !"

As if on cue R promptly grimaces and stims with his hands!

Its sooo funny how some autie kids travel the spectrum on a daily basis - depending upon whether they are in their comfort zone or not

Its a crazy day today as I have to make a couple of presentations plus have back to back meetings all day. When I get home - his speech therapist is here so I could do some work but I am hungry and tired and so I and DH loll around in front of the TV and watch "Leverage"
When his speechie leaves, I also realsied I did not plan well for the week's food for R's gluten free diet so I make his dinners and his Pizza and also bake some cookies for him. By the time all this is done - it laate and I take R out for jumping.
He nowadays wants me to pick him up and jump - becasue of Miranda, I have been thinking about Equine ( Horse ) therapy. But as I see R in my arms with his legs wrapped around me - holding my pony tail , kicking my side and gurgling joyously - I realse I am providing equine therapy as I am the equine.
Horses have tough lives.You never realise till you are one - LOL

AS soon as we get the bycycle out DH decides to mow the lawn. R cannot stand the sound of the mower and so we go inside and I have to feed him and DH etc plus clean the kitchen etc


Its been a work filled week of accomplishing lots but also of having too much work on my plate and not being able to give R quality time. The 3 day weekend was great though . Plus I have been adjusting to my diet which offers plenty of food but is a very unusual way of combining food and I just am not on top of things
Sadly the weekend is already overscheduled as well!
Oh well - Such is life !


All About the Bailey's said...

funny we seem to be on the same road these days, we also had to make changes in ABA because Ethan too was having crying spells and accidents on himself. I tried several times to tell the theapist that he needed to move forward, and seems they still don't think that us Mom's know best.
It's great to hear that R is into riding toys now, Ethan still shows little intrest in them, although he likes his hotweels mustang probably only because it plays music.
Sounds like you had a busy week but accomplished things.
Hope you are now rested!

Floortime Lite Mama said...

It really is funny Miranda !!!
Oh and we are looking at the Therapeutic Riding program sometime soon

danette said...

Sounds like a busy week! The equine therapy (with you as equine) made me laugh, how sweet!

The grimace and hand-stimming made me smile, Cuddlebug does that a lot too - usually when he's excited or stressed. It's an endearing habit... especially when he's happy :) but it's also a helpful cue when he's stressed out.

Anonymous said...

We have gone to stores just for something to do...but not lately because I don't want to buy anything and the temptation is just too great!! It's always nice to read about your weeks. I still want to do the Therapeutic Riding with Daniel, but not sure it's in the budget right now. I know he would LOVE it. I hope your week is more relaxing. =)

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