Sunday, July 19, 2009

Love Poems

I am one of the extremely directionally challenged

This week of my conference – our hotel is located two miles down the same road and I have decided to walk.

Its next to impossible to really diet in Chicago and I am hoping that miles of walking daily will take care of some of the dietary sins.

As its down the same road Michigan Avenue you would think the chances of my getting lost are slim

But I have still told DH to make a detailed map for my trip.

When I open the note, my eyes fill with tears as I realize that DH has marked each road on it – including the starting direction which says I need to turn Right out of the hotel lobby
From Chicago

How good he is to me !

Sometimes I tell DH I wish I could meet him all over again.

And it the truth – I do

I met him when I was 20. He asked me to marry him the first week and we have been together ever since.

Though we have our ups and downs- I can say our marriage is in the best place that its ever been.

Still… I miss the excitement of the first year of meeting.

The letters , the effusive compliments, the silly gifts, the surreptitious hand holding.

And most of all I miss the poems.

DH’s habit of writing sweet, flattering, unsophisticated poems that always rhymed

Somehow, down the years, he stopped writing them.

But as I look down at these painstaking directions that my love has written for me.

I see that he never stopped writing them

They just look different now.


Becki said...

Sometimes I wish we could relive that first year as well, but you are so right, the poems just look different now.

Foursons said...

I stopped by your blog via Once Upon a Miracle. This post is the sweetest! So glad I read it.

I have a little Aspie in my home. He's on the high end of the Autism spectrum, but we still struggle at times just the same. I was wondering though, what is VB? My son is in Speech and OT so I know what those are. Just know clue about VB.

Christine said...

Oh, what a wonderful post. My dh and I traded e-mails every morning for the first year or so we were together. I printed them out and have them in a book that I take out now and then. I loved that time of falling in love. But now I know that back in those days I really didn't know how deep and sure a love can be. Would I go back? Maybe for a visit. But I wouldn't trade where we've come for anything.

Have fun in Chicago!

robin said...

Such a wonderful post and it's awesome you two are so much in love. I can't believe he asked you on the first week though! I didn't know that...I guess you guys knew exactly what you wanted in a spouse and didn't need to look any further.

Anonymous said...

That was beautiful! I love that..."the poems just look different now". So, true. =)

Niksmom said...

Wonderful viewpoint. I often think the same thing about "the early days" and then realize that our poems look more like maintaining my car so it's safe, cooking dinner whn I've had a really long, hard day with Nik...the love keeps getting deeper. :-)

Rachel said...

Wow... this one got me where it counts. I have long thought the same thing - how my husband shows me he loves me by bringing me coffee every morning, grilling marvelous dinners outside, chopping wood for the winter...

But the way you wrote it - brought tears to my eyes. Just beautiful.

Sumithra said...

Absolutely sweet and beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love that statue of the husband and wife with the pitch fork and suitcase.

That greasy pizza place sounds sooo good.


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