Sunday, July 12, 2009

Where to begin? …. At the end of course!

A week of too much work and too little time.

Little sleep and too many chores

We went last night to another town which is the closest DAN doctor – stayed at a dear friends' house and met R's DAN doctor this morning. Then we drove the 200 miles back and had to go to another good friend's dinner party!

And its midnight and I am trying to unwind after a lovely but frazzled day

I talk so much about "living in the moment" and yet in weeks like this it seems like my mind is always on my ever growing To- Do list

I am perpetually making mental notes

And yet the more mental notes I make, the more I seem to forget some small important thing ( like the Benadryl I forgot to take last night for our overnight trip though our friends have a dog and r seems slightly allergic to dander)

It seems to be that I must be missing some sort of organizational trick.

And yet of course – the truth is that- sometimes there really is no way to keep it all together

The plate is simply too full

Even now, as I sigh about having left R's Math game at the doctor's office in Nashville ( which means it will be 9 weeks before I get it again ) or the fact that I cannot find where his toothbrush is

I know there is only one thing to do

And that is- to let it slide

And forgive myself

Tonight as I wrapped up R in a towel at the end of his bath and cooed to him about how amazing he is.. while he nuzzled my neck..

I suddenly recaptured the feeling of loving life .

It made me think about how the plan for a day should not be simply a To-Do list of things to accomplish

The plan should be about how to live the day

And the feeling that you want at the end of it

What makes it a good day for me at the end of this day- perhaps at the end of all days- is to have lived that day with love, happiness, hard work, peace and purpose

Here is to starting the day with the happy ending in mind!



Trish said...

Sometimes there just really is too much to remember it all. If we can keep the happy ending at the top of the list, I think that will be a good thing for all of us. :)

TJ said...

You are gifted with the ability to RECOGNIZE the MOMENTS that matter, K.

danette said...

I feel frazzled a lot too with everything that needs to be done, this is a great reality check of what's really important. I love your perspective :).

Anonymous said...

I love that! You are right about the plate being too full. That's my problem, I guess. Today I can't ignore my To Do List...but I hope that tomorrow the list will be finished and then I can just focus on everything else you so beautifully wrote!!! =)

Rachel said...

We moms need to cut ourselves some slack about all the things we have on our plates :)

Itty Bit has the same toothbrush (if it's the Go Deigo Go! one... which he calls "Eggo"), and he loves to be cuddled in his bathtowel. It is one of our favorite times - and a great time for remembering to live in the moment. Thanks for the reminder.

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