Tuesday, July 14, 2009

W/o July 12- Friday – Tuesday


In the evening when DH took R to musical gymnastics, I put away the laundry and packed our bags as we are driving down to Nashville to stay with DH's BFF and her family. DH truly loves her and their friendship is so cute –as she as as sweet and southern as can be and my DH is just the opposite- all sarcasm and dry humor.

We love hanging out with them – her DH is great . The three of them drink Jack ( Daniels) while I sip water and we chat the evening away – we speak in whispers as they have a sweet little baby who wakes up at the slightest notice.

They have a very sweet ( in looks not nature ) dog who hates when people touch her and I wonder if dogs can have sensory integration disorder. She is also from a pound so who knows what treatment she got before she came to this house. R paradoxically is very interested in the dog . I always tell strangers to give him space and let R approach you and this is so true.

He lolls around on their pillows – in their living room and when its time to sleep he is very cranky


R wakes up early – grumpy as a bear. I am constantly shushing him scared he will wake the baby up as this is a very loud house . Its large but full of echoes.

We get to the DAN doctor. I love this guy – but he tells us we are not out of the woods yet of the heavy metals though its great that his mercury is down. He says he would like to do a provocative test before we rule anything out. He also gently reminds us on the vitamins which we have been doing a crappy job of giving R.

He is thrilled to hear that R is doing well. I think all the professionals must also have so much performance anxiety.

We drive back from Nashville after stopping at the outlet mall to buy perfume for our family in India. My family loves perfume

Saturday night we go out to dinner at a friends' where I win ( with tremendously low competition and also by extensive cheating ) in corn hole. R stays home with his therapist and he is very happy to see her and fawns over her effusively.


Even though the weekend was overscheduled I have not been able to pass up the opportunity for a play date and have invited a couple over for lunch ( we hung out with them yesterday at the BBQ and they are simply darling and when we were saying that R is not interested in peers and that is a big problem ) the promptly suggest a playdate tomorrow and invite us to their house. I ask them to come to ours instead as the wife is newly pregnant and I don't want her cleaning house and preparing for guests. I simply love this couple – really people are soo kind - and make an elaborate meal for them ( and also cook for the week ) in the AM .

What can I say about C – their little 3 year old – She is DARLING. I love her to bits but R is very uncomfortable and does everything to avoid her – giggling squirming. He frequently runs to his computer and shuts the door behind him

He cries a lot when I play with C and does not let C hold my hand. C is very astute for a 3 year old and her mom has prepped her so she does a great job of ignoring R's ignoring. We jump and swim and swing. One interesting thing I note is that while R is avoiding C tremendously – he also jealously does not want her to swing or get in the pool without him. He wants to do it too. I wonder whether he is possessive about his things or her.

Interestingly while R cannot play in the dollhouse at all – C is a queen – she is making the family go shopping, go to work etc . Clearly our friends kiss a lot- LOL. As the mom and dad dolls are always kissing each other in greeting

When C goes to the computer she picks it up fast but I am take aback to realize that she cannot read

It's really painful to watch him in a playdate – he is so uncomfortable and yet I keep hearing this is necessary.


The work day is CRAZY busy and R has 5 sessions ( 2 ABA + 1 Speech + 1 Cranial Massage + Music)

I do nothing except, make his pizza and feed him dinner bath etc . DH and I are so worn out – we watch 4 shows ( Leverage, MONK , Law and Order CI and Royal Pains ) and R plays on the computer

I am also doing laudry and packing for our trip ( this is the most efficient way of packing I find – simply wash the clothes of the past 3 days and you will have 3 days worth of clothes to pack ) . We leave tomorrow – work for me and R and DH are also coming along so I don't have to be without them. I am a little worried as to hoe It will go as I have a lot of work and my evenings wont be as free .But still atleast I wont miss them or feel guilty !

Its very relaxing



TJ said...

Where are you now, K, and for how long?

I so wish we lived closer. I might have misread him entirely, but I sensed that R was slowly thawing out at BK, toward the end. I would love to practice together!

How is the cranial therapy going?

Floortime Lite Mama said...

off to chicago tomorrow ( packed a day in advance )back on Saturday
I totally know he was thawing
Cranial therapy os good - another one of those things that I sort of think works but is too expi

Trish said...

Wow from one trip straight into another - I hope you get a chance to rest at some point!

I saw your question in my comments and feel like I do need to write more about our personal experience with DAN! and biomedical. So far I have shared a little personal info and a lot of resources.

We need to do better with vitamins too - don't feel too bad!

Rebecca said...

Every time I read about DAN experiences from other bloggers I wonder if I should be doing more...

Becki said...

oh, by the way.. that was me (Rebecca)


Territory Mom said...

I wish I lived closer to you also. We have never had a playdate. You are very brave. It sounds like you have two demanding jobs at home and work.
I've thought about going to a DAN doctor but it takes at least a year to see one here in Oklahoma. It's not covered by insurance and I just got through battling our ins. over therapy, we won by the way. I've never heard of cranial therapy. Tell me more.

Anonymous said...

You are always soooo busy! I'm glad to hear that R is doing well. Our playdates are interesting. Daniel doesn't play WITH other kids...but we're starting to see him imitate them. I think it's awesome that R wanted to swim or swing too! Maybe it's a baby step??

Lyndsey said...

I almost messaged you to set up a play date this weekend and then realized after Lesley's post on AI that you probably weren't home. :) I love that C and R are in the same class. I think it really helps to have familiar faces to transition with, you know? Let me know if you want to get together any time soon.

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