Wednesday, May 14, 2008

One last thing Edited to add the Evening

Edited to add about the evening His therapy notes today evening are Mostly no;s escape and avoidance , however did very well with vocalization - - tightening body but not full stemming - When singing song I paused and gave him time to vocalize and he did His theropy notes from Yesterday Evening are - Lots of escape behavior lots of no's Tried to sleep Productive on sounds after many prompts no spontaneous sounds - a lot of babbling So really not much difference except increased vocalization - we got a frequency counter and he had 93 vocalizations compared to yesterday at 53
My overall observations of the evening are as follows The start of the evening with me which is mostly snuggle time and cuddle time went well - which it always does by the way - I think this is one of Rand my favorite times of the dat and involves a lot of kisses and compliments and playing will pillows Post therapy I notice he did not need the 30 minuets stim time he usually does but quite purposefully dragged me around to swing him on the different swings and for a change did not fall asleep on the swing as he usually does . Overall I would say there was a subtle improvement compared to yesterday but it could also be because he slept well last night

DH called me to say that when he went to school R was crying because he was the last kid to be picked up
His teacher wqas surprised becasue R has never shown that awareness before ( all the other kids have left but me - waaaaaah ) - just an interetsing random incident

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