Wednesday, May 14, 2008

First MB 12 shot

Yesterday night we gave R the first MB12 injection - as promised by the doctor - he actually slept through it rather than wake up crying in pain - what a relief !!!!
Today morning I called DH from work and DH says that R today mornin g seems remarkably relaxed and calm and happy - When I go back home I will see his theraist notes - We are not telling the therapists about the DAN treatements to get an unbiased perspective
I was so emotional before DH hgave the shot - that evening we had gone to the first Autsim Speaks meeting - they basically came to town to see if there was any interest in their organisation
Well I had only one hour as this was also DH's golf day - so the one horr while R's therapist was at home with him was bisacially the hour I had - but it was only 15 minutes away - this is a really small town - and I wanted to show support to this group - And went anways - As I drove into the parking lot i felt tears fill up my eyes as I saw that the HUGE parking lot in this SMALL town was full - I had to parallel park on a side and there were still cars pouring in
You always hear the word epidemic but yesterday I saw it. And it made me very sad.
So many children so few services

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