Tuesday, May 6, 2008

First Dan visit

DAN Visit
Overall pretty decent visit – Sweeter nicer kinder doctor than our ped – let R play with his computer – and R somehow took a liking to him and sat on his lap and kissed him.
The doctor definitely had all the qualities of the good DAN doctor – had ASD child+ no promise of cure + board certified MD with a regular practice+ no pushing things from his pharmacy- we did eventually buy some of the supplements from there and they are actually the same price as the company website and we saved on shipping + he wanted test results to define our next steps.
Definitely did not feel like a snake oil
Roughly the protocol is
Heal the gut
Give the body the extra things it needs to restore the healthy methylation process and encourage the production of Glutathione
Help body get rid of some of its harmful stuff
Our next steps
He did make a comment that the comment from the lab results which says “Remarkable Mercury toxicity” was unusual and this was the very very high – most of his patients who get the test done get “Mild “ or Moderate “ in their results .BTW I have also researched on the high false positives and there are some other markers in the test like a high creatinine level which would lead to false positives – in our case the creatinine level was fine.
The next two steps for us are
First, heal the gut – We got Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics
I did explain that R has minimal gut issues currently.
However he had had a phase of gut issues between 15 – 18 months when he had 6 rounds of antibiotics ad 6 ear infections in those 3 months- Interestingly this is also when his ASD developed – the videos I talked about the other day – before and after at 15 months and 18 months show really a different child (with markers of some abnormal development like not much developing speech – 4-5 words and no pointing even before that )
He asked us about GF CF and I said we had tried it and had stopped our trial after 3 months of basically no change when we stopped !- He did get us to do some blood draws
Second – give the body Extra things it needs – we got the Super Nu thera ( mega vitamins) and he had already send us the Methyl B 12 shots so we will be starting them soon
Step 3 – Remove the bad stuff – we are not there yet While we are not starting chelation now – I am doing some homemade stuff to hep R– Vitamin C and Cilantro ( the herb that a lot of Indians use to garnish – looks like Parsley )
Where I am mentally
Really I am not expecting any wonders /cures –I really don’t know what to expect – The CF GF diet which is huge for many AS kids did nothing for us . As of now my main worry is how to get this stuff inside him
I do know that we HAVE to explore this path or I know I will be regretting it later

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robin said...

What a good visit! The doc sounds like a great guy!! :)

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