Saturday, May 17, 2008

General Distracted day - lousy Saturday

Today other things happened that are making me distracted and quite upset - I have to see the doctor on Monday - Horribly stressed about this 
And as a result R is very distracted too 
Have I mentioned before how alarmingly sensitive he is to my moods 
At 3.5 he still sleeps with us - Today we got out his toddler bed  and attached it to our bed 
We are hoping this will help him start to sleep in his own area of the bed  if not his own bed 
As a further enticement we got a quilt cover that has the print of numbers all over- from IKEA 
I plan that he will sleep on top of the quilt ( the mattress seems really hard by itself ) hopefully the quilt on top of it will make it soft 
We also ( finally) put all our winter clothes away - between this and getting the closet  emptied in the guest room - I am more exhausted than I can say - My sister and niece are coming on TUesday - I am soo excited though the medical stress is really really upsetting me 
And the week's cooking is still left !!!!
Hausfrau weekends are EXHAUSTING 

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