Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Two Sleepy evenings

R has again started sleeping badly - its this horrid cold he is fighting and as always when he does not sleep well at night - I have to fight all evening to keep him awake and its just such a battle !
Plus it ends up being a LOT of TV - so last night R actually did the following after he came home from Pre K
ABA - I hour in which he cried a bit becasue he wanted to fall asleep
Swing and wagon outside - 30 minutes
Bath and playing with bath toys and singing songs - 1 hour
Television - 2 maybe 3 hours - Baby Einstein Numbers DVD - still loves it, and Little Einsteins - Mr Penguin Ice Cream Adventure - big favorite every evening
YIKES - but I was really really trying to just keep him awake till bedtime ( 8.30 pm or 9.30ish ) cause ifyou let him sleep any earlier - he will be up at 2 or 3 IN THE MORNING
I really really hope he has slept last night and that we have a better evening

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