Monday, February 11, 2008

Reclaimed it !!!

Yes we did it
We finally reclaimed the weekend from Chores
DH chopped all veggies on Friday night - we did lanudry Friday morning - I actually came home at lunch and started it and I changed sheets and towels in the evening when DH and R went for Musical Gymnastics
I cooked in the morning when his ABA therapist was here and by 11.30 it was ALL DONE!!!
Wahooo - Saturday morning and no more chores for the whole weekend
I also did a pretty good job of playing with R one on one and opening and closing circles of communication
Today I also read this post on the Autism board and I realised that I need to do more
But I still want to do a little celbratory gig that at the very least we had a real fun weekend with lots of play and music


robin said...

Yeah! I remember spending the weekend cleaning when I worked full-time. Glad you guys had fun during the weekend finally!!

Laura said...

Hi Julie! Thanks for coming by and saying hello! I'll add you to my "special blogs" list! Glad you got your weekends back! Our weekends always go by too fast, with very little to show for them. Oh well, at least we get to relax!

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