Thursday, February 7, 2008

Phooey on me
I suck
Yesterday I yelled at R because he would not take his cold medicine
Really yelled
And in anger !
I am so ashamed

He cried so much so much so much
He is such a sensitive child
And the net result was
  1. he did not take medicine
  2. he was sad and DH said every time he woke up in the night he was in tears
  3. all the crying made him snottier than ever
  4. I was so horribly guilty

Well atleast today evening he does not have a therapy session and I will try to make it a fun evening filled with Songs and Sensory and lovey

I took a bunh of easy to take cold medicine - those cold strips, the shower soothers and the Baby Rub

DH got him to take some Delsym so hopefully he will be caughing less

My cup of guilt runneth over

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