Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day of flowers :Seattle Staycation Part 1 !

DH and I have been really thinking that it was time to get off the crazy train which we have felt we have been on

So we have decided to spend the week in Seattle
  • The planning etc of going somewhere was beyond us this year .
  • We have not really seen Seattle . 
  • Food is much easier when we are home. 
  • We don't need to miss tutoring  (  Don't worry we have not turned into the crazy parents who don't let their child miss any work -but  these past few months being so ill he is extremely behind) 
On Sunday, DH and I cook for the week.

We I  have decided to take a  break from our healthy eating and we have planned a menu of all the things we crave so this has been a ton of fun ). We also  do laundry.
When we have asked R what he wants to do on his vacation - his top item is to go to Applebees - 

Such are his simple hopes.

For DH and I , its  not the dream restaurant but  we go on Monday and while we are there, our cleaning lady is at home cleaning the house 

And in this way all the chores of the week are behind us

So on Tuesday after his morning Speech session we go to the famous Tulip festival

There are tulips and daffodils 

Its a cold and rainy day 

But when you stay in Seattle, you don't complain about the rain 

And fortunately its so beautiful and such a feast for the eyes that you don't really care 

The Pacific North west is the beautiful woman whose beauty needs no make up 

R runs through fields of flowers 
He makes me play Ring a ringa roses 
There is every kind of tulip here 

And the mountains make a divine backdrop to the fields of daffodils 
We buy flowers and even the fakey mc fake windmills make us smile ( seriously we know this is not Holland !!) 

Later that day we meet friends who with their bright red hair are like flowers themselves ( they are online friends from the time when R was born - they are friends from the pre-autism era but have been all very very accepting of Autism ) 
R is so tired at the end of this day .. that he falls asleep half through taking his glasses off 

Our heart are full of the beauty of tulips and daffodils today 

For oft, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude;
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils. 
William Wordsworth

More on our staycation later ...
Have you ever staycationed - did you like it ?


Lyndsey said...

Gorgeous pictures! And it's a really great idea. I've been in Knoxville for over 9 years, and there are plenty of places I've never been and would love to go. I think a staycation is a brilliant idea, especially if you live in Seattle. How beautiful. I love the pic of R sleeping with his glasses. I miss you both (((hugs))).

Yuji said...

A staycation sounds like a great idea, especially for you since you live in such a beautiful area that is still so new to you. Those tulips are amazing!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Most of our vacations have been in CT. We've camped about an hour away from home, so I'm not it totally counts...but we've done day trips from there. LOVED IT. (I've done this growing up and a little bit with my own kids now)

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Lovely!! I would have never have known of the gorgeous flowers there without your post!!

Kris said...

Beautiful pictures! Your staycation sounds wonderful! We may do this this summer since my work schedule does not jive with my oldest son's football schedule and we can't pull off a getaway I don't think. Living near DC, we can probably find plenty to do that we have not done before. Enjoy the rest of your staycation!!

Bright Side of Life said...

What a wonderful idea to have a staycation and a perfect opportunity to explore the area in which you live. Love your photos. I hope R is feeling a lot better. x

Jenny Saul-Avila said...

That is an amazing display of tulips. So glad that it seems everyone is healthy in your home - and looking it.
I am also a tad jealous of your vacation. :)

Barbara TherExtras said...

Whee! I actually read this before it was a week old!

Those flowers accent the beauty of your family very well!

Happy, happy for you! Love.

Tanya Savko said...

Staycations are so restorative! I'm glad you enjoyed yours, and I love the beautiful photos!

Þorgerður said...

lovely pictures :)

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Only reading this now, hope the rest of the week was as good. I think getting the house cleaned at the start was an excellent idea :) I had a staycation last summer when my brother and nephew visited: with an extra people to help we had great fun :)

SoCo mom said...

Absolutely! That's about all we can manage right now. We visited the beaches, saw our cousins, went bowling, watched airplanes, and went swimming. There's a lot to see in our little corner of this planet.

Your pictures are lovely and R looks like he's taking to Seattle. Sorry he's been sick.

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