Sunday, April 21, 2013

Days of "Larry gets lost in Seattle" : Seattle Staycation Part 2

When we were moving to Seattle, Miss Tori  ( R's beloved speechie ) gave us this book "Larry gets lost in Seattle"
John Skewes has written these books about a number of cities

 This is a really nice book about a boy and a dog who go to Seattle.

The dog ( named Larry) gets lost and "inadvertently" visits all the tourist spots of Seattle

We have read this book every night  in the month in our little corporate apartment in Downtown Bellevue

And when time for our staycation comes - we decide to do all the things that Larry did in this book

Pike place Market 

Love the market - we buy things like Triple X raspberry habanero jelly

AMAZING - this jelly with some cheese is SUBLIME and is the subject of many of our picnics

There is also a really famous creperie that DH and I resolve to come back ( me for Nutella crepes and DH for doubtless one of the savory ones )

R is overwhelmed by the smell of the fish and completely ignores the fish throwing ( this is not as exciting IRL as in the Larry book )

The flowers soothe him
As do the arts and crafts

And he needs some time to recuperate with numbers and Sprite
He is excited to see that the sea and the ferris wheel that we will soon be on 

Oh how much fun we have on this
Up in the air.. looking at the Seattle skyline

Miner's Landing Pier 57 Carousel

This is not a stop in the book - but R insists on going here

OMG how he enjoys the stupid games and the merry go round  - I can safely say this is R's favorite part of the trip :-)

Ballard Locks 

It is raining so we went inside the museum and DH explains how the Ballard locks work through a model
Then we show him how they work in real life

But it is cold and raining. R sulks ( as he loves his physical comfort )  so we spend very little time here
Freemont Troll 

Then we are off to see the Freemont Troll( you can read about it here ) - R Adores this ( as do I ) what a great creative thing to do
One of the many reasons I love Seattle
Can you see the car trapped in the troll's hands

Space needle 

We have done this  before but R is perishing to go again  - however since its expensive, plus we are tired and its raining  we tell him that we will do it another time 

A tear runs down his face and his consoles himself with taking a picture from my  phone

In the evening R has Therapy and his therapist asks him to write down 10 things about Seattle and clearly the visit has made an impression as he writes

  1. Space Needle
  2. People 
  3. Fish ( the smell must have stayed in his mind ) 
  4. Pike Place Market 
  5. Flowers
  6. Swedish Medical ( the hopsital where we go for his Crohn's)
  7. Medicine in your arm ( as he gets his meds for his crohns via IV) 
  8. Up
  9. Down ( owing to the many elevators in Seattle ) 
  10. Smith Tower ( which is mentioned in the book ) 

Staycations are really great and we are so sad our week is over .


Kris said...

Loved the post and since I know virtually nothing about Seattle, I found it very interesting! Love the troll! I'm glad you and your family had so much fun! Sometimes I wish I had only one child so we could do more things like that. It is hard to do much with four kids of all different ages and interests. But you have inspired me to try a staycation this summer as I stated before!

Bright Side of Life said...

I enjoyed reading about your staycation. You have so many places of interest to visit and learn about. Does it rain most of the time?

Floortime Lite Mama said...

Thank you Kris , Thank you Di
Kris - would love to read about DC
Di it rains ALL the time except for summer :-) - your silent sunday picture was so stunning

Anonymous said...

I loved this idea- using the book as a tour guide of sorts! :) and I enjoyed reading about your staycation as well! That troll under the bridge! Colton would love that! He's been playing a game like that lately! :) :)

Yuji said...

What a great idea to do the things that Larry did in the book! Looks like you made the most of your week. So nice to see R taking it all in.

Kim said...

What a great idea! looks like everyone enjoyed themselves!

Tanya Savko said...

Everything sounds like a lot of fun, and I will have to find some raspberry habanero jelly around here!

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