Sunday, December 16, 2012

7 things in December

1. How fast time has flown - is it Christmas already ?- We have a lovely Christmas tree
I and R have added even more decorations than this - but I am too lazy to go down and get a new picture
( also here is the red bookshelf from IKEA - that I am mad about )

2. R  has been whining to go back to the downtown apartment that we lived in - we think its because in the new house , DH and I have been super busy unpacking and have not given him the attention he is used to
We think he is lonely as me misses his wonderful therapists . so do we :-(

So I am focusing on making time with R and so is DH
3. We go out a LOT - if it does not rain ( for that is the definition of good weather here ) I and R are in the park. One day the sun came out for a couple of hours and we ran out
( not complaining - you really cannot move to Seattle and complain about the rain )
4.Even though it rains a lot there is a ton to do in Seattle -

 Winterfestival in Downtown Seattle features these adorable "towns" that kids can "operate" a train in

Look at the town

How real and charming it looks

But its all a miniature toy version
 5 R's current obsession is face painting - Some day we get a chance to combine 2 of his passions - face painting AND Santa
6. He still loves the Diet Coke and Menthos Experiment

7. He can be naughty all day and look like an angel when he sleeps
There is not one night that goes by when I don't say the silent prayer of gratitude by his bedside and feel the great luck of being his mum



Kim said...

I'm digging that red bookshelf too! Glad things are settling down for you all. He is a cutie!

Yuji said...

I can relate to being super busy and not giving your son the attention he deserves... we just did that yesterday while trying to get ready for having company over... we just had to find a way to give him attention even if it meant that not everything was perfect by the time guests arrived.

Ha, R does look angelic as he is falling asleep in his bed. (My son loved the Chicka Chicka books at that age, too.) said...

The down town toy city reminds me of home alone 2. said...

Loved the post. Poor kids with grown up kids I am waiting for attention. Enjoy while you can.

Bright Side of Life said...

Love your update. Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy every moment with your precious boy.

walking said...

Moving is tough but I am glad we have moved as often as we have. It keeps my daughter with autism flexible in her thinking.

Kris said...

Loved reading your post. The last picture of R is precious! Had a bad day today with my kids - esp Alex. Thought of you and your calm words.

Floortime Lite Mama said...

Kris .. Thank u for ur kind comment .. Hope today was better

Stories Untold said...

The Red book shelf is my favorite too,

A too is very fond of Santa

R really looks like an Angel while he sleeps

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Glad you got your red bookshelf and I hope you have a very Happy Christmas xx

Tanya Savko said...

What a pretty tree and I love that first photo of R looking up at the sky. Happy holidays to you and yours!

jazzygal said...

Aw, how lovely!Your boy has taken a stretch I think and he does indeed look like an angel as he sleeps. Oh, and Seattle sounds very like rainy Ireland!

Merry Christmas to you and your family :-)

xx Jazzy

Jenny S-A said...

I haven't read your blog in awhile - absolutely no idea why. I think some kind of memory loss to check it.
Anyway - love this post. I love your pictures. And - my son is quite into Santa right now - I'm a little worried about how he'll react when Santa leaves our mall - if I didn't know better, I'd think he was the real deal. Also, I noticed your son is reading Chicka Chicka ABC - we read that often - my little boy, who just started talking this past Spring, is starting to say the words to it & he bounces to the beat of the words.
Now for me to catch up on some more of your posts. :)

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