Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Beautiful Blogger award

Lynn Hudoba- the hilarious – has given me these two awards ( heartily recommend her blog as she will make put a smile on your face  )

Here are 7 things about me

#1 Scarlet
I am mad for clothes – I have 3 closets at home- one of which is a walk in and one of which is entirely devoted to saris . this is my favorite color and about half my clothes are in this color

#2 I am very interested in people – especially what makes they think about - and I will listen to pretty much anyone who looks chatty - which is why I love reading all the blogs I do

#3 Screen guilt

I feel very guilty about all the TV/computer I let the kid watch - greenspan says parents should spend 3- 4  hours each day doing Floortime with their kids and denounces TV as a very passive form of entertainment

#4 the love of my life is my opposite

DH and I are a real team –we each do things that the other is hopeless -(  I often joke that I fell in love with DH because of his sense of direction and there is truth in that.

It still makes my heart skip a beat when I see him read a map or back into a tough parking spot- while I still cannot reverse if someone is looking and have no idea of roads

One of the reasons why we work as a team is because  we are opposites in many ways . My way of a fun time is to curl  up with a nice book - DH's?  well his way of fun is to make  clay oven to smoke meat in -

#5 The woods
 Watching the sunlight stream through the woods from my front porch with a cup of coffee may be my favorite thing in the world

#6 If I had three magic wishes - one of them would most certainly be getting all the chores done in a flash of light - I like a clean house and homemade food and hate all the time that is wasted accomplishing this

#7 I know the kid has Autism apraxia spd and all that jazz but I secretly think DH and I won the kid lottery !
Passing this on to  7 of you though I love soooo many of my friends here

Links have been added

Kim of the RocChronicles


Dani G said...

Three closets?! Whoa!
I love the line about winning the kid lottery. It's so sweet.

I've got the computer guilt, too. But I know that everyone needs downtime: especially kiddos who are constantly asked to be "on" with therapies.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything your previous commenter just said!!! I haven't had the chance to post it until just now, but I have an award for you too. No pressure to pass it on, just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me! =)

Big Daddy said...

3 closets? My wife is so jealous!
Also, sounds to me that you did hit the "kid lottery". I feel that way too. (Most of the time)

Þorgerður said...

You are the cutest ever. I wish I could take a peek at your Saris
I am a true lover of colorful clothes. :)

Lynn said...

Other than the closet full of saris, this list totally applies to me! Thanks for linking to me and congratulations on the award...so well deserved for such an insightful blog that is always thought provoking and never a chore to read.

Lisa said...

I played along for you K and it was the first time I have ever participated. Usually I don't play.

Love you K.

Lisa said...

I must add I am completely direction impaired also, Mr. Pedersen is a walking GPS though so I am safe.

Anonymous said...

I'll join you in the sunlit woods for a cup of coffee. Sounds heavenly. And curling up with a good book too.
Thanks for thinking of me. :)

Anonymous said...

okay, i'm jealous of your closets and i LOVE that color! i wish i could have a sari. would it be wrong for me to wear one?

a man who makes a clay oven on his own? heavenly!!

and listen, YES. you DID win the kid lottery!!! (and so did i!) xxx

Anonymous said...

congrats! i'm so with you on #4 (i'm directionally challenged and would spend an entire vacation reading books if i could) and #6 and #7!

Alysia said...

congratulations on your award - so deserved!! and thank you for the link to my site! I'm so honored! I have to figure out how to put it on my site (wordpress confuses me...) but just know that I am so appreciative! You're one of the first blogs I read when I see a new post - I just love how positive you are, and you help me stay that way too.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that list!

And #6 describes what I think on a constant basis, lol.

Love you, K!

Rachel said...

Congratulations on your award!!

You are so sweet to pass it on!

I love that you love red too! And how you and DH are opposites and you can appreciate it. And of course... your beautiful son keeps me coming back again and again :)

Anonymous said...

I love all the love in your posts!


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog today -- I look forward to catching up with yours!

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