Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The words of R

R’s VB therapist has asked that I make a list of all the words he has to see how to modify his therapy

She asked me this last year as well

How easy it was last year!

Easy and painful to see his handful of words

• Sprite

• Chips

• Sheep Mother

• Sheep Father

• Swing

• Numbers

• Alphabet

And the ubiquitous more and all done

That was it !

As I type in R’s words today a year later, I see the word tally slowly increase

I try to picture his day in my head to jog my memory for all the words he says when he wakes up , when we play, at meal times etc

Yes, he is autistic

Yes, he has severe Apraxia

But now he also has more than one thousand words

This from a child who not too long ago – we thought would never speak

Some days, I feel I am in the presence of a miracle unfolding

I picture our bed time routine to finish up the document

And I end appropriately with R’s simple bedtime prayer “Fank you Dod”

Yes, thank you god

Thank you so very much


Territory Mom said...

Yes, thank you God!!!
1,000 words!!!!! Truly a miracle!!!
I'm jumping for joy right now.

Lisa said...

Amazing K!
I'm weepy over this.

Niksmom said...

I hope one of those words is "weepy" because that's what this post made me! So beautiful to read about the leap in language. This gives me great hope. :-)

kathleen said...

Yes-a miracle unfolding..lovely way of putting it...:)

Kim said...

Wow! What tremendous progress! A miracle that you and your husband had a huge hand in making happen. So wonderful to read this!

Anonymous said...

I never doubted that he would speak. I always knew he would.

Bonsky said...


Nice way to end my day with tears in my eyes from this simple and beautiful post.


Li said...

1,000 words in a year!! I'm also weepy. That is just spectacular. Thank you God and bless you all.

Lynn said...

AWESOME!!! That is so great. It's a miracle, but a miracle that you'v clearly worked your butt off to make happen...

Renegade Scholar said...

I'm teary. That's was wonderful to read.

- Ingrid

Julie said...

yay!!! Happy tears! :)

Þorgerður said...

I am so happy to read this this is huge :)

Anonymous said...

Fank you, K. ;)

robin said...

Wow...what a difference a year has made! All of you have worked so hard for this...R...and he has come so far! WTG R!!!

Anonymous said...

One amazing boy, two amazing parents. Good work, all of you!!


korin said...

Oh yes, mama, we are most certainly in the presence of a miracle unfolding. <3

danette said...

Wow, a miracle unfolding indeed!! What a blessing to hear of his progress! So excited for R, and for you and your hubby :).

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