Friday, July 23, 2010

SOOC Saturday : Why I write and take pictures?

We are getting ready to move a heavy piece of furniture

Its my plan

I want all the moving-into cabin to be over

DH, however, wants to wait a couple of weeks when we are having some friends over for the weekend so he has some help moving the stuff

I tell him that I will be help enough

But I am not

And DH has to do the bulk of this without assistance

DH tells me exasperatedly " who will follow all your crazy plans when I am dead and gone "

"Dont ever say that "I tell him "I will have nothing without you"

But he has made me think

Does love just go when those that love you are gone ?

It makes me think of my friend who got divorced

She said  "Our love ended.. I dont think I ever was in love to start with"

But I dont agree

I think  she is re-writing her memory, to cope with her loss

Today's heartbreak does not take away yesterday's love

Most people talk about life as a journey

I dont like the analogy

It implies that when you have moved to a new place in your life  - the old place no longer exists

I think it does

I prefer to think of life as a collection of all I have been and all I have  felt

A collection I will always have

All existing together

Not bound by time

I think, one day a wrinkled rheumy-eyed me will read this

And remember that

Once there was a little family and  I was the heart of it

Once I was beloved

Once I was beautiful

And when the old K  read the words of the young K .. that young K will not feel so far away

And she  will be there again

At the beginning

This is why I write my story

This is why I take pictures

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Trish said...

This is beautiful, and such a wonderful picture of your family. I need to take more pictures with the three of us.

Have a lovely day!

JoyMama said...

When I read this piece I thought immediately of souvenirs -- the little collectibles that serve as rememberances that we gather... on our travels.

But then again, the journey metaphor does resonate for me. How interesting to think of the collection metaphor as separate -- thank you for nudging me to think new thoughts!

That beautiful photo is a glorious souvenir. :-)

Niksmom said...

Beautiful and so very wise, my friend.

Mr. Daddy said...

Awesome post K,

"All existing together

Not bound by time."

love these lines, I seem to be thinking a lot about this lately...

Thanks for sharing K

KAL said...

I love this. So very true.

Anonymous said...

Yes, these are days that will carry with us. As are the days of our own childhoods and the days that wait for us ahead. A collection is right. I love your writing.

kathleen said...

You will never not be beautiful..wonderful picture..:)

Rachel said...

So beautifully said! (And I adore that picture of you and your loves!)

I do sometimes think of life as a journey - because I see so many people treat daily life as "just existing" on the way to a destination (whatever their definition of success is).

And I want EACH DAY to be something amazing. But I can do that while acknowleging precious seasons in my life. Even the seven years of infertility that were a stepping stone to who I will be at the finish line.

I love your thoughts of yourself reading your younger writings. I hope you always know you are beloved!

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful, young K. Your beauty is magnified by the two next to you.


Anonymous said...


rickismom said...

interesting thoughts!

danette said...

I love this, I couldn't have put it into words so clearly but this is very much why I write and take pictures too.

Even now it's amazing how much it all comes back when I read things I wrote about years ago. I tend to forget details so recording these memories means a lot to me. I love the way you put it, and your picture is beautiful :).

Nancy E said...

Very nice... thanks for sharing... I love your family photo and the one of your boy on the side bar. Photography is so creative and healing and just necessary --- it is so good when you find something creative in your life and a way to share with others.

Thanks for stopping by my blog too!


Þorgerður said...

Did you ever read Kundera. Immortality. You made me think of that book and how I long to have time for reading.

Kim said...

Lovely photo! Love the analogy of life as a collection. Beautiful!

korin said...

Love this post.
PS you will ALWAYS be beloved. and you will ALWAYS be beautiful.

Lynn said...

I think that you do rewrite history after people or relationships are gone. But that's not being true to your former self. We truly are collections of all our life experiences. Beautiful thoughts.

Mia @ Finding Balance said...

Love the photo. I think both ways with what you're saying. I think someone can realize there never really was love because of circumstance, but I also believe that we tend to re-write our histories to save our hearts.

Kris said...

Beautiful post! Beautiful picture!

SoCo mom said...

Your post made me smile. I can see your love shining through in your family photo.

I do think of my life as a journey -- I lost almost all my words and art and years of my life (and photos) in a fire years back.

They live on in my memory, but the hardest part was to keep moving forward, collecting more special moments in life.

I agree that love does not die. But when part of me died that day, the rest of me had to go on.

And now I am so glad that I have to chance to be with my husband and children, to share the things that I loved with them. To have adventures and more journeys, taking new pictures ... so my life is full of good things again.

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