Saturday, October 10, 2009

Random acts of Kindness

I have been thinking lately of how easy it is to choose to be kind

For instance , my friend Debbie always smiles at Wal Mart greeters because as she says "you never know if that is the only social interaction they will have all day"

Now I too beam at them .
There is an old man who lives a few houses down.

He and I always seem to be taking walks at the same time. And he always smiles at me.

DH calls him my boyfriend  and he comes up often in our conversation

For example, if DH does not thank me when I do something for DH, I tell him reproachfully "I bet my boyfriend would never do that."

The old man is very hard of hearing and so chatting with him is a little tiring as I have to yell at the top of my voice

But these days, I think  of what Debbie said about the Walmart greeters( what if this is his only social interaction of the day ?)  and I have resolved to chat with him no matter how awkward it is to yell out pleasantries!

And every day this week - its as though my smile says to him that I am open to chat instead of just being polite.

So, instead of just saying hi he crosses the road and  we talk

And everyday he asks me a question

What is your name ?


Where do you live?


Why do you walk ?

He asks me the other day

( I tell him its to lose weight.I try to look interested,   - when he explains in detail that weight loss calorie intake minus calorie output )
But the next day he offers to give me his exercycle.

When I say I already have one ( I dont, but loathe exercycling ) he gruffly says "its just lying around "-( not wanting to appear too kind too needy)

I sense a proud spirit and thank him sincerely for the thoughtfulness and he looks mollified

A couple of days ago he asks me " What is your son's affliction .. why do you have to wheel him around ?"
( I have told him earlier that R has Autism but I am guessing he did not hear the word Autism or does not know what Autism means  but has gathered that R has a condition )

 " I just wheel him so I can take a walk at adult speed .. I miss him all day so I hate being away from him in the evening ...he has Autism but he can walk ?" I tell him

"What is his prognosis" he asks

I reply " His prognosis is fantastic.. he is just so smart and so sweet "

He recognises the dont-you-dare-feel-sorry-for-me in my voice ( takes one to know one )

Pats my shoulder and says "He gets that from him mother"

The book is wrong - its not really pay it forward

Random acts of kindness have instant return


Sande said...

It really doesn't take much does it? Most people say silly things because 'hurting people hurt'.

Your right. Looking past our own offence and taking time to find nuggets of greatness in people is so worth it.

I could imagine you to be an open person, strong enough to forgive attack yet be genuine in your response. said...

It is always worth the time I find to get to know someone who is often overlooked. Glad to of found your blog, thanks for your comments at HP, great to know that I am not the only one

Niksmom said...

*sigh* another lovely post reminding me to keep my heart open. :-)

And this:
"Random acts of kindness have instant return."
Probably the most brilliant thing of all! I'm going to share it.

Puffin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Puffin said...

I loved reading about that- how inspiring K! I will be keeping that in mind this coming week : )

(erased last comment because I used your name, sorry!)

Rachel said...

I needed this reminder... to be open and willing. To make time for others who may need a moment of being seen and appreciated. I forget so easily :(

Beautiful lesson!

TJ said...

I always feel compelled to simply sprinkle smiles and love in this comment box, like fairie dust. But it never quite comes out that way in Times New Roman, kwim?

Thanks again, K. You da bestest.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone really knows how much just a little bit of kindness can affect someone. I still hold some memories in my heart of kindness that strangers and acquaintances have shown me over 20 years ago.

robin said...

I look forward to your blogs so much...I so enjoy seeing the world through your eyes (and those of R.) I can picture the're right...kindness can have instant return!

Territory Mom said...

I love this, you made me cry. Instant return, how perfect.

Stephanie said...

wise, wise words, for certain.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post. You really never do know how much the smallest thing can mean to another person.

Anonymous said...

I love it! =D

danette said...

Beautiful, and so true :)

Online Printing Company said...

That's very touching . Sometimes even the smallest things can melt your heart as long as it comes from the heart , Thanks for sharing a wonderful moment like this .

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