Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Weekly round up W/o October 17 ( DAN, Recipes )


We have to drive to Nashville and back today to meet R's DAN doctor .

We are going to be spending 6 hours in the car today I do not want them to be devoted to the watching of DVD's

So I take with me the colors songs and books- His teacher send them and he is thrilled about the song being played on the CD and following along with the books and will say  Singuh busik curs ( let us sing and play the music about the colors )

Unfortunately this plan has one flaw which is that the colors songs are annoying to us but R wants to hear them over and over again

the DAN doctor who I really really like has interpreted our test results rather differently than we have.
He says the yeast is fine - arabinose which shows as elevated ( the only one ) can show elevated upon eating carbohydrates .

Lead and tin which show as slightly elevated he believes should be removed by this thing called DMSA

I am not sure what I feel about this though apparently DMSA is VERY safe and can be used without a prescription

To avoid deciding, we think we tell the Doctor we will push this remedy to January once we return from our long trip to India

I dont know why we are a little against chelation ! I have talked to many mums who had done it and they think nothing of it

We shop like crazy at the Outlet Mall on our way back - R has outgrown everything this past summer
Luckily he is turning out to be long and lean like DH

I love buying clothes for the little guy

We are home by 8 but the day is far from over as its Diwali and we must light lamps all around the house - bathe - dress up in new clothes and pray

This we do

I get a new silk saree out for myself - its brand new- I bought it from Kolkata with my mum and dad 3 years ago -  and I have forgotten how much starch there is in the Indian Tussar Silks
Its is a  PAIN and I look stiff and somewhat awful - still I am glad I have dressed up( rachel here is R's new haircut )

My FIL whom I never knew was a big believer in this festival and because he is no more - I feel we must make a fuss in order to make up for him not being here
Plus it was always a big deal when growing up and my mum and dad always celebrated this


Is a day of great impatience ,  though I am very productive.

DH was supposed to get up early and chop all the veggies and food - but he is so tired from yesterday that he actually sleeps till noon

So I slowly cook by myself - ( Tanya and Niksmom - here are some of the recipes I make.)

Chicken Tortilla soup( in the comments a lady from Mexico says everybody should make their own enchilada sauce - ancho chillies + onion + garlic + tomato - cook in water and puree - so that is what I do now )
Red Beans and Rice
Chicken Chettinad  ( new recipe- lots of trouble ) 

Cream of Broccoli
Pumkin Veggie - this is eaten with rotis and is very tasty and easy to make

Its all rush rush rush today

I also tell R that he is all done with the Remote and will only now get it to choose his program but not to go to particular scenes

R is crushed and does his whole cycle  ( disbelief - then angry dervish- followed by sad tears - hopefully acceptance shall follow tomorrow)

And we go to R's musical gymnastics - we go into the nearby  Kroger as R does his OT.

DH is not too happy as the last time he was there the check out lady charged him for meat which she then did not put in this grocery bag.

After this we go to R's babysitter's housewarming party .

I am very annoyed with R as he makes a beeline for their computer and will not let it be .
I finally have to do stern voice PLUS deadly look - but I am genuinely annoyed as this falls within the turf of bad manners!

Outside, I am a little taken aback to see how well some of the little boys are kicking the ball - R runs around hither tither enjoying the wind and ignoring everyone.

Suddenly I wish he would try and kick the ball too ...play with these kids 

But the truth is that he has no interest in it ( and moreover he cannot ) and to entertain thoughts like these are the precursor to maudlin moods and self pity which I am fighting these days

Still being around other little kids is such a wake up call for me as to all the things we need to be working on.
I scrub and clean the kitchen thoroughly. This always soothes me.

When I am troubled- as I have been these past few days -   I can atleast keep one little bit of my life - the kitchen counters - clean and tidy .

Is it any wonder why auties cling to rituals ?

If one takes a minute to think and observe - there is nothing very mysterious about the behavior of autistic children to me. Its very human- not "other-planet" at all !

At home we jump and swing and play with dolls and then with musical instruments and then its time for our nightly routine


The first perfect gorgeous Fall Day - Ironically I have to work and work late in a meeting room all day

WHen I get home R really wants to watch TV

 I refuse ( gosh how I hate being the no- sayer )  and as a substitute let him do the colors CD and the book. At least while doing this he is sitting in my lap and we are pointing at all the words together - rather than him tuning out

Also I want to see how this obsession goes.

Autie mums and dads are obsessed with their kids not having obsession - but my theory is that most obsessions will simply run their course (like they do in typical kids)  and it becomes a big deal only because we are so keen to not let it happen ( which unless there is a genuine OCD component ) I beleive it will

I put him to bed today as he asks for it and I dont want to say no

Then the day is done and I curl up with Murder mystery theater and frozen yogurt and fold laundry


Shirin's Art said...

happy diwali .i think u look beautiful in your silk sari;)

Lyndsey said...

Happy Diwali! You look gorgeous!:)

Trish said...

Sounds like a very busy week for you. I have heard good things about DMSA, but only do it if you feel comfortable with your own research and gut feeling.

I like your point about all kids having obsessions. I'm the same way - when I find something I like, I want to do it all the time at first (blogging, a new author, a good recipe, etc) and then gradually the initial excitement fades and it is no longer so important all the time.

Hope you are having a good week!

robin said...

I loved the picture of you and R. You guys are so great looking!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the recipes. I'm going to give them a try. I'm always up for trying new things.

Has R ever watched Signing Time? Charlotte loved Signing Time - the combination of the songs, seeing the words written and the signing (appealing to her visual learning) - all that was a slam dunk for her.

With Signing Time she moved from pretty much totally echolalic speech to using language more functionally, if that makes sense.

If you've never tried with with him, I do recommend. Start with Colors of the Rainbow or ABCs.


Anonymous said...

So interesting, as always. You look so beautiful in that picture!! I hope you're having a good week.


Anonymous said...

Hi K,
What a beautiful picture and what a beautiful saree. One thing I use to do for Johnathon when he was younger on long trips would be I would buy him a new book and magazine and put a few cheapy toys that keep kids busy in a bag and he would not get it until we got in the car to head out on the trip. It would keep him busy and always worked so well that I did it for many many years. Hope your IEP meeting went good yesterday:)

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful!

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