Friday, May 8, 2009

Therapy Evenings or making the most of slim pickings

Overall a very low achievement week wrt parent therapy – the combination of dreary rainy weather with allergies is a bad one. Our sleep issues are also unfortunately back,
I was forced to make the most of what I had

Monday – R had almost too much therapy( 2 ABA hours + 1 speech + 1 cranial sac massage+ music lesson + lunch with Dad at Mall ) and so I just let him have down time- we played in the bath tub

Tuesday – DH went to play golf so once his evening therapy was over – we played with kidney beans – adding and counting. Beans and Balloons

Wednesday – Not much got done as I was making his organic dinners and his Gluten free Pizza and Cookies

Thursday – we recycled and put up the new ( and crazy amazing trampoline ) and bounced up and down for an hour

Friday – DH and I have cocktails to go to Sigh !!!- R had woken up really early in the morning so he napped in the afternoon and so was up and awake - we actually went outside at 10 pm in the night and bounced like happy crazy frogs for half an hour . Bouncing in the windly moonlit night maybe the highlight of my week
Saturday - Zoo- we had the company picnic and he did quite well saying hi to most men and kissing the hands of the ladies ( lol how sweet is that ). All the kids that were there in the picnic were overstimulated and running around so R did not look that odd at all ( I thought ) After we came back we got on the trampoline again - bouncing around again which was fun


Lyndsey said...

Sounds like you had a good week! I can just picture R kissing the ladies' hands-- I think that might be one of the cutest things I've ever heard!

Territory Mom said...

How are you? We've had so much rain and storms that as soon as I try to get on the computer its starts lightening. Today, its still raining and I'm not able to post, but I am able to comment. What a wonderful time you are having with your son. My guy likes to bounce too. Have a great Mother's Day and enjoy the down time.

Maddy said...

You certainly pack in a busy week. I'm exhausted just reading that let alone doing it.

Anonymous said...

You sure kept yourself busy! I love the idea of jumping on the trampoline at night! I wish we had one for Daniel. We have a small bouncy house, but he hates the noise. = ( I wonder if he'd go one with his headphones?? I agree with Lyndsey- R kissing the ladies' hands is just so cute!! =D

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