Monday, June 2, 2008

Is it a bad thing or a good thing

After all these months in Autism land - I realize how much of the energy is around whether Autism is a good thing or a bad thing - really the truth is it does not matter
All that is important that we give our kiddos all they need to be the best that they can be
Yet I spend so much time worrying about IF autism is a bad thing then did I do anything to cause it

DH's perspective is that DS's situation is a result of
  1. Autism as a way of being -part of human evolution ( as a way society is evolving where social networks are maybe less important and cortical rational thinking is the new skill )
  2. + Mercury poisoning - a separate issue
Its an intersting perspective really
DS had his 5th or 6th Cranial Sac session today - Something does seem to working becasue he seems calmer and more organized with the MB 12 - we have done almost 5 of them so far and Cranial Sac therapy
As school is out and I have been doing really bad parenting - back to the distracted kissing and cuddling type parenting rather than the efficient conscientous floor time parent
Plus other circumstances are there in this small fry's life which are usually bad
- school is out, therapists have been cancelling, visitors ( this last thing may actually be helping) + distracted parenting that I mentioned earlier
Anyway so far something seems to be working
Though everything is very very slow

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