Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hyperlexia game in the bathtub yesterday night
at bathtime with foam letters - I was trying to do this just to do some
tuen taking but it can also be used as a communication game I found


Me - Lets play game - B-O-Y

R- B-Y-E

Me - A-M-A-ZE


Me - N-O-S-E

R- P-O-S-E

Me - B-O-Y

R - B-E-D( he has been making signs to show that he wants to go to
bed - not so sleep unfortunately but because he wants to lie down with
me and nurse and snuggle)
Me - N-O ( he still had to get lotion and PJ's on )

R - N-O-T-E

Game R I think !

Very Happy

It really impressed me that he could figure out the pattern - use some letters of the word made earlier to make a new word - and respond accordingl

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robin said...

He's SO smart! There's a show on weekdays on PBS (Super Why) that is simliar to that game...changing letters to make new meanings of letters. It's hard to imagine how his communication will explode once he realizes all his words make sentences...and how he can interact even more.

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