Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Yesterday evening was really nice - R woke up in a good mood and went off to Daycare with no tears
Fingers crossed - I think he is finally settling in with the grandparents - Evening was good as well
We started off with Nursing and Singing with Grandma - Old Mac Donald - R loves this and I have notied that even when we res singing together he will look at granma
We missed certain things - like when I would whisper the words not sing them he would touch my mouth
Today I also discouraged him from hump&*($ - he took it well - when I said No and quickly put his fingers on my mouth to try and shape it to a smile which of course he got
We played Bab Sandwich on the bed
Tickle time and alsoPeeka boo and ROw row row your boat - he just loved it
Then he watched TV with Gran who fed him - she is a master at getting into the show with him
Then we did bath time sang letters songs
Tehn we listened to more music
Then I got the DVD player out to do my exercise video and he remembert hat this was a DVD player and ran in wih the Little Einstein CD and tried to give it to me- I said No and told him this was Mamma's turn
He tried to make a couple of word approximations while we were playing - buh for boy to repeat - good boy and ppppp for Up - Its encouraging and I am trying to not be bitter about how much furhter ahead he would have been in expressing himslef if he was not on the Spectrum

He also handed me the remote several times to turn on Little EInsteins

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