Tuesday, August 14, 2007

PLAY Project

I was really upset that no one was watching the CD at home so I just brought it to work and have been watching it on my lunch break!
Its really interesting"

  1. We are definitely on the right track in using comfort zone activities and working on opening and closing more circles of commuication BUT WE NEED TO DO MORE !!!!
  2. Plus we need to EXPAND the comfort zone
  3. Plus a child can fluctuate between several Functional levels like R does - the important thing is the predominant level at which he is at - R is definitely at the joint attention level
  4. Another interesting and positive thing I think is that R's comfort zone activities involve other people -his activities are nursing, cuddling, rough house, water play - the no-person involvement thing is really TV
  5. I got some great ideas for sensory play - roll in the rug, balance on the ball , swing in a blanket , chase , bubble gum bubbles

ANyway I am just going to try more minutes of what I am already doing today evening and see how it goes !!

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