Monday, August 27, 2007

Floortime weekend

Sauturday was really really bad with R stimming like crazy
the more attention I give him ht eless he stims but point is sometimes I have other things to do like laundry , taking care of the house etc - In the evening we went for a game hot and miserable - R was a total trooper though!
On Sunday one of my friends came - I was bracing myself to meet her as she has a daughter R's age who is very vocal and very very smart -and her kids were awesome but I realised that R has many awesome things about him too- yes and I am not just TRYING to be positive or something - I really do feel it
Our kids are all such blessings - I am so grateful to God for R - R is just so sweet and affectionate and kissed me so many times - he is able to give me more love - though he may not have the words

And I had some sense of peace and gratitude in the evening and spend a large chunk of it playing with R and just loving on him !WHich is ofcourse super thrilling for him - I was really low energy while outisde and doing my FIRM workout
I need to do MORE floortime
I think I have figured out the nuts and bolts
All I need is to do it

This is my plan for the evening
  • Floortime - observe - follow R's lead and build on it
  • Encourage verbalisation
  • PECS
  • Swimming and rough housing

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