Sunday, February 20, 2011

The second week of February

The Weekend

Saturday is a day of stunning sloth  -we have an Inspector Lynley orgy

R has been introduced to Doritos in a party they had at school the other day and  has been asking for them incessantly

So rarely does he ask for anything that we make a special trip into town just for chips .

 As R stands in front of the chips section and says "Orange " ( for the orange packet ) , I tell DH that we are now officially brown trash - for who else has just Doritos and Sprite on their shopping list ?

We take long walks each day .

DH says one day that we should leave the trails and climb up the mountain .

I tell him that he is welcome to do so - I will admire him from a distance - which I do

Here he is on top of the ridge

He jeers at me for being a wimp and a girl .

However he gets a splinter in his hand. Later he shows it me several times asking me to tend to it with soothing ointments and tender words.

And also tells me that I should have not let him climb the mountain and be "wounded"

Sunday ceaseless  toil as we clean the cabin, go home and then cook for the week

While my friend was here last week - we cleaned out the kitchen pantry  ( DH in fact went EXTREME and added new shelves - really  my hubby is soooooo useful )

Clean is infectious as I have been cleaning out the frig and the freezer - 15 minutes at a time ( fly-lady style - The principle is this- if you have an annoying giant painful task to do - set your timer for 15 minutes and do it for just that 15 minutes )

The refrigerator and freezer are  looking stunning and I spend much time with a feeling of self satisfaction.

The pantry was also overfilled with staples ( the bane of shopping at Sams club ) and I am reducing the stock of them


Is Valentines day - I and DH make fun of this holiday as its a made-up holiday - and how we are not going to celebrate it

DH wisely gets me flowers

R is soo excited about Valentines day - he has been saying to us "Be mine Valentine"

He insists on buying this balloon and its funny how happy he is with this 2.99 balloon

The weather is fantastic and we do all our Floortime in the trampoline

Made up songs  in the trampoline are the perfect Floortime formula

We make up songs

Like  I will start with "Old MC Donald's had a ( pause) ... R fills in "ocean "

I will say "And  in his ocean he had a .... " R will fill in "Dolphin "

Similarly we can do themes around " had a zoo"  etc

These are really great as it is helping R to have his own ideas

One of the things I love about Floortime is it makes the child think  and express their own idea.

We do our version of "1,,,2,,,3,,,,4 tell the people what she wore " where we describe each other 's clothes

In the evening we go to Applebees - we tell him its to celebrate Valentines - and he orders his own dinner( ie he points to it on the kids menu )  and eats it all by himself  - he does not leave his seat even once!

From time to time he tries to join the conversation by starting his own topic - like by saying all the months of the year

A giant lump is in my throat as I know how much he wants to have a conversation .

But I remind myself that  I could not have imagined this day 2 years ago - where he would not need any electronic entertainment in a restaurant

So who knows what the next 2 years will bring?


For some reason R has been eyeing helmets for a while - DH is a genius and  he gets R just a blue helmet with his bike

OMG R is in heaven

The helmet goes EVERYWHERE with us

We ride R's bike which he really wants me to do and though  I tell him that I am too big for it

The weather is glorious and we have a floortime evening in the trampoline

Tomorrow I am interviewing someone and taking them out to lunch so we go to the car wash

We have never gone to a car wash - DH says carwashes are for wimps and spineless people and says  people with a spine wash cars with soap and hose

OMG I LOVE The car wash - I tell DH he can despise me all he wants but I am NEVER washing car by hand again

We go to the library

The librarian is old  and she is soooooo slow returning my books . I try to put her at ease by telling her how much I enjoyed the "Inspector Lynley Series"

She looks down at the DVD she is scanning in - "The word of god " and says that it sounds like a nice book

I fervently hope she will not borrow this DVD - as its a story of murder and mayhem and about a man trying to sell an ancient religious book mixed up with a story of illegal organ sales


R has PT in the evening. Plus I am late coming back from the office so there is  no time

I think R is addicted to Floortime and he cries before going to sleep as all our time together has been logistics time

I am sad too

DH and I watch house and Modern Family( I thought Modern Family was the funniest show ever but now I think "Parks and Recreation " is


DH and R are out of the house for Musical Gymnastics  when I return home and its 70 degrees and sunny outside

I take the opportunity for a long walk and return in time to make tea and snacks for all of us

R is exhausted from school +ST + Play Therapy+ Musical Gymnastics - so I just let him stim and unwind on the computer

We do floortime in the bathtime playing with the numbers ( quite a fun game of me pouring numbers on him )

I think of a new game - where I put a number on his back and make him guess - but we are too exhausted today to do it

R does not sleep in the night and neither do I - I have noticed a pattern where neither of us can sleep the night before full moon


We head to the cabin in the evening where R is reunited with his beloved Wii Sports and plays all the games (with a horrible lack of skill )


Super lazy day - I try to make all Saturdays lazy and do the bare minimum of just meals and picking up

DH grills a delicious lunch : chicken sausage, grilled garbanzo beans and asparagus

We eat lunch while R having already eaten his lunch loiters in the hammock swing

A job  recruiter contacts me by email and has described such a high energy job that I have to go and lie down so exhausting is the description

We take a long walk in the trails - R is in the wagon. DH cleaned the wagon with the pressure washer and it looks good as new

We find twigs in the shape of "Y's" and make "X's" with twigs - R is delighted

He is ecstatic to be in the wagon too  as he hates to walk

For half the trip we make him walk - by making up games of "run run run " to the "green house" /the sign and then "freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze"

We do some amazing floortime in the bathtub where I set the stage with "bubble bath " and balloons

I met a Floortime expert in the ICDL conference in 2008 and she said there is no child in the world who cannot be wooed by Bubbles and Balloons

Its very true

As with the bubble bath you can do hide and seek with the numbers under the bubbles

Have a Bubble Ball fight ( though R does not get that he could throw the bubble ball at me too )

We release the helium balloon and do floortime with this as R instructs me on letting it go to the ceiling or making it touch the ground

To R's amazement I make the balloon "kiss the lights"

Like all new ideas he does not embrace them - but I am sure he will ask for this the next time we are here

I have a conversation with him

Me : Jacuzzi on
R : no no
Me : you  r the boss
R: Great !

Its funny to have such a typical conversation with him and it makes me smile


DH is still asleep.

I am drinking coffee , munching my Kind Bar and writing this post sitting up in bed

 R does Wii Sports and comes every few minutes for a kiss and a hug and a demand to "be a penguin" "flap my wings and fly"- which is why this post is taking me so long to write

The rain falls softly outside and I wish that I could stop time

Such is the sweetness of my ordinary life


Lisa said...

I love your posts K.
You are so descriptive in your life and it makes me feel like I know you.

I can't believe how far R has come even from when I first started reading your blog.
I think he is kind of incredible...but you already knew that.

I love grilled asparagus; and I'm with your husband I also love Modern Family, and Cougar town.

Your comment at the grocery store cracked me up, my husband and I make funny comments like that too.
Dorito's rock!!

Rachel said...

Your "ordinary" life? I find it rather extraordinary :)

And I laughed to myself so many times throughout this post. Your wounded husband, you doctoring him back to health, the happiness balloons and helmets bring, and the fact that R had a great meal (for we cannot get Itty Bit to stay in his seat throughout a meal at all).

Sounds like a lovely week!

robin said...

R looks so grown up on his bicycle! I love that he did so well in a restaurant sans electronic stuff. We still have issues in that department!

I haven't watched Modern Family (or Parks & Rec) but with your recommendation, I think I'll dvr and check them out.

I hope DH's wounded hand is much better! SO cool that he made shelves! We missed that carpentry gene over here. :)

We have letters in our bubble bath too!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the three of you have so much fun together- the walks, bubble baths, and trampoline. We are loving the warmer weather too- it's so nice to be outside again!

Jill said...

D asked me who R was, she loved that he was eating
Doritos, because she loves them too. Your post was lovely! Thank you for sharing your week : )

Anonymous said...

i love your old macdonald game... LOVE it. and all the little bits you share that make up your week. :)

Allison said...

I had a lump in my throat when I read how you knew how much R wanted to have a conversation with you..then loved reading that you had one later, about the jacuzzi. It's lovely to read about your life and about how far R has come. Thank you for so many good ideas!

Þorgerður said...

I would go to the store with soda and Doritos unblinkingly, on my shopping list... :) add some sweets and I am going shopping

Kris said...

I agree that all children love bubbles and balloons!! Absolutely! Thank you for sharing your "estraordinary" life with us. It sounds like R is doing great and making such progress! Isn't it great when you realize you can go out to dinner??

Kim Wombles said...


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