Monday, November 24, 2008

What happened in November

I I cannot believe most of November is already gone – Here is what we did

I actually went to the Floortime Conference – the ICDL one in Washington DC – It was amazing and I can honestly say it was worth the time and the money.

As an outcome of that - I also have nixed the idea of traveling up and down from Atlanta to continue meeting with the consultant – I did not get what I wanted from the one we met the first time – and I am not going to run around looking for more.

Its clear to me that I am doing the right things … just not doing them enough

Seek less… do more

October and November have been also the worst for me in terms of work related travel

R is soooo very anxious nowadays – he has always been a total Mama's boy. But right now his mama's boyness has an edge of franticness around it .

Seriously If he cannot see me – like for a minute-he runs around the house just crying and hunting form me desperately – tears rolling down his eyes … Its very stressful to watch.

He does fine- though MIL says he hunts for me a lot when I am actually not there .

For this reason I am terribly tense about a trip I am taking next week for 4 nights . Its sooo hard when your job takes a toll on the one you love so much


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